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Daily Planning | Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

Modern days are full of technologies and different gadgets that we use in our daily lives. The rhythm of our life is busy; we want to be here and there simultaneously. We have created an overwhelming, stressful life. We work, study, hang out with friends, do a lot of other stuff, and how? We use our energy resources as if they will never end; certain natural resources are not renewable, such as oil, which is almost an inevitable part of every mechanism. The human body is a mechanism that needs to be renewed every single time; it is low in power. The key factor is that, even with relaxing and chilling, our natural resource of energy can not be renewed properly.  Take some time on your Daily Planning for the next day to help alleviate stress and allow you to get a good nights sleep; all without thinking about what you have to do tomorrow.

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We have our specific expectations every day. Consequently, we try to act according to our expectations. The worst thing here, which is also the biggest issue is that we never know what to expect from that specific day. The rhythm is quick and busy, and we do not tend to know what to rely on while daily planning our day. There can be solutions to that problem, though. The other way around is to maintain a daily schedule and plan of what you have done and what you have to do. The list can help you not mess up at some point and avoid the additional stress of forgetting to do something. Planning in major event in this manner will also save you be overwhelmed.

Generally speaking, the worst thing you can do is distract yourself during the day and not allow your brain to have proper rest. If you overload your brain, resting at night will not renew your energy for the next day. Take these steps to keep up with the rhythm and not get overloaded. 

Daily Planning Do’s And Don’ts 

The first thing to do is to avoid as much stress as possible. By that, we mean to have as much control as you can. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Well, it might, but it is not as easy as it sounds. To have control over yourself, you need to control actions and actors contributing to your daily routine. Become informed about what you need to know and be informed with whom you have to fulfill a particular task. 

The first thing is, don’t “blame everything on tomorrow.” We often use the phrase “I will do it tomorrow, or I will start doing it tomorrow.” In this case, the things to do tomorrow are increasing in number and that tomorrow never comes. So at some point, you will be loaded with a lot of stuff to do and no time left. You might need to use all of your energy resources and get a lot of stress while still not being satisfied with the result. 

Life Hacks 

Wake up, brush your teeth, get dressed, go to work—everyone has daily habits they perform without even thinking, which turns into instincts at some point. Because of realizing it, we might also feel upset sometimes. There are some tricks we can offer you to avoid that unpleasant feeling from your routine. 

Daily Planning, get your work done before the due date

Many successful people plan and start their daily tasks by working on them the night before. If you are bad at daily planning, this will be your additional exercise, plan your day in time groups, with a specific activity planned for each time group. This is considered as the time blocking method. This method ensures that you don’t’ fall into the trap of multitasking, which can hurt your productivity. President Barack Obama has mentioned this technique, which says he often gets ready for his day the night prior by reviewing the tasks he needs to accomplish. 

Set up your natural alarm 

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Everyone is different and needs to follow their body’s rhythm if you are an early bird than that is when you will be most effective. You will most likely have an internal body clock that wakes you up at the crack of dawn every day. Others are better in the evening, but the 9-5 hour working day might not necessarily suit everyone.

Often we are not given a choice in what time to wake up, as there are specific working hours at work, meaning someone might need to wake up as early as 7 AM for being at work at the expected time at 9 AM. If this is not the case with you and you are more or less flexible with time, spend an extra hour in bed, this will keep you fresh for the rest of the day. The biological clock is individual for everyone. 

While we have not acknowledged this well enough to give people more freedom and flexibility, it is hard to have all the workers’ productivity at the same level. Some people are more productive during the early morning hours while others at night, consider what works best for you and get your job adapted to it. 

Have a proper meal 

It is stated everywhere you go, and everyone will tell you that it’s essential to eat after you wake. Food is our energy source; without a proper breakfast, we are putting our body and mental capacity under less than an optimal state. If you’re in a hurry or not too hungry, a small bowl of oatmeal, a smoothie, or a healthy fruit juice will keep your body performing at 100%. Prepare something the night before, and choose easy-to-cook recipes that will not be too time-consuming but will be suitable for your daily morning routine

Make yourself comfortable 

In a study at Princeton University, they concluded if there are too many stimuli in your field of vision, your brain will spread its focus and attention to each piece. In other words, if your desk is full of different stuff, your ability to focus on the task will be a lot less, instead organize it the way it does not distract you; this fact can have a significant impact on your focus and with your productivity. 

Morning wakeups

A great time of day to get things done is in the mornings. This is when most people are most alert and is a great time to do tasks that rely on creative and strategic thinking. This is not the time to go through the inbox, as this gives you a false sense of achievement. This time should be focused on higher-level thinking; if not, it’s a wasted opportunity to engage your brain in more proactive tasks. Leave the more mundane task that requires very little brainpower to the end of the day, or at times you need to take a break from higher-level thinking. 

Tackle the difficulties first

Moving your priorities based on the more difficult task first can help relieve the stress that comes with procrastinating. Brian Tracy discusses this philosophy in his book Eat That Frog.

This is a simple concept. Getting large tasks completed early will produce an accomplished feeling if little else is accomplished that day. You can be happy with the knowledge that you did something extraordinary. Also, by doing the most challenging thing first, everything else will be easier, and you will keep your motivation going for the rest of the day. 

Take a quick nap or meditate.

When in the busy life and rhythm, you have a lot of stuff to manage, you might forget the most important thing to do throughout the day – rest. We are simple creatures, and unlike machines and robots are not built for working whole days without a break. 

If you tend to forget the fact of resting, there is a danger of losing your energy as well as enthusiasm towards your job, which means that you most probably are going to burn out, thereby killing your productivity altogether. This can be avoided by having simple 20-minute naps or meditations even during the busiest part of your day. Twenty minutes of nap or meditation is an optimal time that will bring you back to life. 

Learn to say NO 

There are a lot of people and a lot of tasks around us. Most of the people tend to be our friends who often approach us with different requests. Consequently, learning to say no can be the hardest thing to do on the list, though from the other side, it can be the most useful thing as well. Adding an extra task to yourself while leaving less to do for others will do no good and will negatively impact your productivity. 

After all, choose your priorities. Is it doing one thing efficiently or doing several and never being satisfied with any of them anyway? Feel free to say no, sometimes it can be more satisfying than saying yes. 

Wrap up on time 

Remaining focused on specific tasks, you will not have the feeling of being overworked or overwhelmed as you are totally in control of your actions. Just because you have created your daily planning everything out, you save tons of energy from making unnecessary decisions and working overtime. 

If it is still morning and you are reading the article, it is a perfect opportunity to put these suggestions into practice. Respect yourself and respect your time.

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