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Is There Any Keto Fast Food?

Is There Any Keto Fast Food?

We cannot deny that dieting is one of the hardest things to keep up with these days, but the existence of keto fast food could help. This concept is helpful for those who don’t have much time to manage their food consumption on a daily basis. There are ways to make sure that a healthy diet can still be attained even in fast food restaurants.

Keto diets consist of food with low carbs and high fat, because contrary to what people may believe, loading on carbs is actually what makes the food unhealthy. Thus, it is advisable to follow the keto diet especially with the existence of keto fast food places that could help us generate the menu that we want to pursue. Here are some of the fast food restaurants I know that serve keto diet meals:

1. Jimmy John’s Unwich

lettuce wrap - Is There Any Keto Fast Food?

Jimmy Johns offers a very friendly keto diet meal, which is the Unwich. We can directly order this at the counter, and we don’t need to ask for any substitutions on the meal ordered. There are also some sandwiches on their menu that can be designated as keto fast food. We can substitute the bread and tortilla with a lettuce wrap. This meal is one of the most natural things we can order in the fast food restaurant.

2. In-N-Out Burger: Flying Dutchman or Protein Style Burger

The menu of In-N-Out Burger undeniably offers food high in calories and fats, but there are a few healthy foods that I found on the list. One of these is the Flying Dutchman; it is made up of two patties and two slices of cheese, but it has no bun. The absence of the bread is what reduces the carbs from the usual type of burger.

Another item on the In-N-Out Burger menu that is considered a keto fast food is the Protein Style Burger; it is just a regular burger, but we replace the bun with lettuce leaves. We might not want to eat a burger with no wrap since it may seem a little odd. It is best just to replace the bun with a lettuce wrap if we want to maintain a healthy diet. This technique lowers the number of carbs that we consume, and we still get the taste of the burger at the same time.

3. McDonald’s and Burger King: No Buns

It may come as a surprise that there is, in fact, an option for keto fast food meals inside two of the most famous fast food chains all over the world: McDonald’s and Burger King. The technique to convert a meal into a keto diet is to order their burger meal, but ask it without the bun. The order may seem a little out of this world, but we all need to adjust and try to stay healthy.

Value meals in these restaurants are also viable as a keto diet, again, without the bun and the ketchup. There are even other establishments that just serve the burger in a bowl, and add some lettuce in it. It tastes just as good, and it’s healthy as well.

Is There Any Keto Fast Food 1 - Is There Any Keto Fast Food?

4. Wendy’s: Double Stack or Ultimate Chicken Grill Sandwich

Wendy’s is also one of the most famous and well-known fast food restaurants all over the world, and they also serve keto fast food. One that I have seen on their menu is the Double Stack. It consists of meat burger, cheese, onions, tomatoes, and pickles. The key to making this a keto friendly kind of food is to remember not to order the bun.

If beef is not an option, we can also order the Chicken Grill Sandwich. This meal can be identified as a keto fast food, as long as we order the grilled chicken instead of the breaded version. The breadcrumbs add up to a high amount of carbs. The bread (or the bun) takes up the most carbs in any meal. Thus, it is advisable that we always be more careful of the amount of bread that we consume on a daily basis so we can maintain a healthy diet.

5. KFC: Grilled Chicken or Salad

KFC is best known for the unique and astonishing taste of their fried chicken. However, if we are on a keto diet, that is the one thing that we cannot eat there. We can opt for the keto fast food grilled chicken instead, which contains only less than 1 gram of carbs. We can even order a meal consisting of three pieces of chicken to get full and not consume an excessive amount of carbs.

Their salad is also one keto fast food that we can choose to consume. However, we should take it without the dressing or croutons. Since we are watching the number of carbs that we allow our body to take in, we should always be mindful of the food that we eat and what kind generates a more significant number of carbs.

6. Subway: Chopped Salad or Bunless Breakfast

Unlike some of the places I have mentioned above, Subway doesn’t offer an automatically keto diet-friendly food. However, it also belongs to the keto fast food genre since we can make our meal and make it keto-friendly. We can even order a sandwich and just turn it into a salad. If meat is necessary to make our stomachs full, we can get the Grilled Chicken Breast. As long as we avoid the bun or the bread, we are good to go for a keto diet meal plan.

Scientifically speaking, a ketogenic diet is when the blood glucose levels are kept low but still at a healthy level. This menu boosts our system to break down fats into fuel sources, known as ketones, where we derived the word ketogenic diet. This food is an excellent help in burning existing body fat.

Since we know that people have a lot of things going on in their plates on a daily basis, diet can be harder to maintain as anticipated. Therefore, finding keto fast food restaurants will widen the range of possibilities for losing weight for those people aiming to do so.

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