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How to Combat Binge Eating and Reset Your Gut

Reset Your Gut
Image by Julie Rothe from Pixabay

How to Combat Binge Eating and Reset Your Gut

I’ve noticed several things working from home. Why is my shirt clean, for starters, but I’m still wearing the same pair of cargo shorts? Who thought it was a good idea to cut my own hair? And why is my home desk covered in discarded wrappers, crumb-covered plates, and spent coffee mugs? My goodness, have I become a binge eater? Its time to Reset Your Gut.

Working from home for the last forever (eight months) has been challenging, but we’re doing it. The kitchen is now the breakroom, the backyard, the gym, and the bathroom is still the bathroom. We’ve mastered online meetings—really, all things virtual—and done our best to keep up a positive attitude. I miss working alongside my team and wish we were back together. But, nowadays, it’s paramount to keep everyone safe.

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Image by Julie Rothe from Pixabay

I successfully picked up the proverbial pen in one hand while at home, but it looks like I’m holding a spoon in the other. It seems I have an insatiable appetite for writing compelling copy and stuffing my face while on the clock. And it’s only when I’m at “work.” On an average Sunday, I’ll have a PB&J in the morning and won’t eat until dinner. Come Monday; I’m snacking from the moment I open my laptop and eat 2/3 of the fridge by lunch.

Working from home doesn’t mean bulking up like a hibernating grizzly. We’ll eventually be back to the office, and I’ll need to fit through the front door. So, to gear up (or bulk down) for my triumphant return, I took a deep-dive into snacking like a pro.

Eat Like a Horse

When your belly’s already shaped like a piñata, the last thing you need is to feed the beast all day long. Before WFH (working from home), I had good habits. I rode my bike to work (eight miles each way) and packed a healthy lunch. The office has its share of tasty treats, but I was less likely to sabotage my diet if I had a plan.

Now that the breakroom (the fridge) is 10 feet from my desk, I find myself wandering over whenever I get bored or reach a stopping point. My first thought was to use my bike lock to put a freeze on the fridge, but my wife shot down that idea—she still needs to get her Greek yogurt and apples.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, plus my sweet tooth usually hasn’t woken up first thing in the morning. Instead of eating like a feral man-child, I plan out my breakfasts— turkey sausage, eggs, oats, Nutrimeal, avocado toast—for the week. A hearty start to my day means I am less likely to gnaw my arm off by 10:00 a.m.

Cooler Talk

Something I miss about working in the Home Office is getting up every hour to refill my water bottle. From my desk to the water fountain is around 125 steps—the perfect distance to satisfy my Fitbit’s alarm. I’d fill my trusty vacuum bottle, and if I was lucky, shoot the breeze with any coworkers taking a water break, too.

Today, my only coworkers are two dogs who lap up their H2O from ground level, and I don’t have the knees to join them down there. So when my Fitbit goes off, I get up and down a large glass of water. It helps me feel fuller and staves off a few of those gnawing cravings. Plus, it’s a great excuse to take a break.

Staying hydrated is a must. I weigh 20 stone and need to drink around six liters of water a day. Active sipping helps keep body fluids balanced, energizes muscles, and supports your kidneys. Best of all, water has zilch calories. Compared to a large Oreo milkshake, water is a healthier, albeit boring, choice. If you struggle to reach for the H2O, add some fruit or your favorite flavoring for a tasty way to hydrate.

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Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Stretch Your Paws

I’m guilty of eating when I’m bored or unmotivated, or both. Working from home is tough. We’re social animals by nature, and it’s fun to be around other people. Back at the office, if I was feeling antsy or blah, I’d wander over to the designers’ row and bother them—social distancing is my loss and their gain.

Much to the chagrin of my pups, when I’m not feeling it, we meander around the block. I’ve discovered a one-mile stroll through the neighborhood, and since they don’t talk, I listen to a podcast or rock out to my favorite grunge bands—remember, I am of a certain age. 

The upside, rather than gorging, walking gives us some fresh air, clears my mind, and leaves me ready to work. Besides, healthy habits beget healthy habits.

Reset Your Gut

To say 2020 has been tough is an understatement. We’ve been through a lot, and it’s essential to take care of yourself.

Binge eating can be triggered by stress, negative feelings about your body, food availability, and boredom. Trust me; I know the calculus of boredom and readily available food within arm’s reach. Consuming large quantities of calories very quickly—even when you’re not hungry and to the point of being uncomfortable—is not a great recipe for a healthy lifestyle. That’s why I’ve made a conscious choice to eat a balanced diet and add a probiotic to my daily routine.

And, I’ve started taking a probiotic. A daily probiotic is perfect for a healthy microbiome—the microorganisms in your digestive system. Its beneficial blend of proven bacteria strains supports digestive and immune health. And with over 12 billion colony-forming bacteria per serving, it’s the ideal choice to help reset your gut. Best of all, its light, semi-sweet flavor comes in a convenient stick pack, making it easy to bring along while walking the dogs.



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