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Three tips for dealing with gym-induced acne

gym-induced acne
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Three tips for dealing with gym-induced acne

Exercising regularly has been shown to have many health benefits, both physically and mentally. Some benefits also include feeling happier, hence reducing stress and anxiety. It helps to build and maintain strong bones and muscles. This will instantly increase your energy levels, which is essential for us to carry on with everyday tasks. But you need to be aware of proper skin care to prevent gym-induced acne.

However, exercising has undesired effects on our skin. The major drawback is acne. It can be very annoying and inconvenient due to increased sweat, as the pores get blocked, which results in blemishes and acne in unforgiving places. This is because sweat attracts bacteria, which then clogs the pores.

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Image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay

Skincare routine

Skincare routine is the most important thing to get right. It should be personalized specifically for your skin needs. Your skincare routine doesn’t need to be complicated, but it has to have the right products to be the most beneficial for your skin type. This is especially true for men who tend to neglect it.

These steps are simple and don’t have many products involved, perfect for people who love to go to the gym. 

The first step is a cleanser. You have to find a gentle cleanser that keeps your skin feeling healthy and glowing. If it does feel squeaky clean, then you have stripped away good oils that keep it moisturized. Use a cleanser that has salicylic acid or witch hazel to gently control oil. Such products can be seen in collections belonging to high-end skincare companies such as Misumi Skincare. Use twice a day, more specifically as soon as you can when you get out of the gym, to eliminate acne or severe blemishes that come from excessive sweat. 

The second is to moisturize. Even though you have used a gentle cleanser, the natural oils still have been stripped. Hence, the moisturizer helps to rebalance moisture on your face. To help the skin breathe a bit more, use a lighter formula such as gel or lotion instead of cream. 

Last, you should be wearing sunscreen every day to protect your delicate skin from the UV rays. 

Vegan lifestyle

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This method requires you to change your lifestyle. Dairy for many people can be hard to break down and can have significant effects on the skin, causing an increase in acne and blemishes. 

A vegan diet can help to reduce the number of blemishes and acne you get. This is because it can link acne to high levels of meat protein and dairy products in the diet. Meat is naturally high in leucine, which acts as a building block for the sebaceous glands to create sebum.  

However, if a vegan lifestyle is a bit extreme or doesn’t match your dietary requirements, cutting out milk can have the same effect. This is because milk contains androgen hormones, which have long been associated with the formation of acne breakouts. So, cutting out dairy will help to reduce and fight acne or severe blemishes. 

A change to your diet can positively affect your body and can sometimes reduce the excessive sweat, which will help you fight acne.


Hygiene is critical to maintain clear skin. So, a few things can be done to help you practice good hygiene and fight acne or severe blemishes. 

First, changing your pillowcases and bedding regularly is essential to prevent the transfer of oils and bacteria to your face, especially if you don’t wash it after exercising. It is recommended to change your bedding every two weeks. 

Second, removing make-up every night before bed is another excellent way to prevent acne. This allows the skin to breathe and rejuvenate. 

Last, try to avoid touching the face with your hands or the gym towel. Both harbor many millions of bacteria due to the tasks they perform. These bacteria can transfer to the skin with the possibility of carrying infections. 

These three tips and methods should help to deal with gym-induced acne. Everyone finds it annoying and a nuisance, but it can be dealt with. Hygiene, diet, and skincare can make a big difference when fighting against acne or severe blemishes. It is important to remember to try everything out as some methods or ingredients might work for others but not you. Stay hydrated and wash your face every day to make that the first step to clear skin.


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