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Sustainable Fitness – Recycling the Bicycle

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Think about it for a minute. In the day of the automobile, which replaced the horse and carriage as our main means of transportation, bicycling has never been more popular. People are preferring the two-wheeled, self-propelled vehicle to getting into a comfortable, effort-free transportation device. Bicycle trails are everywhere and paved roads often include a lane for cyclists. You can finds stands to park and chain a bike outside many major stores and shopping centers. Most states have introduced laws requiring cyclists to wear helmets in the same way motorists are required to use their seatbelts.

Road Bike - Sustainable Fitness – Recycling the Bicycle

The importance of exercise

To stay fit, a person must be physically active. Regular exercise protects a person from obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and even mental illness. Riding a bike is one of the most effective ways to combat the health problems that come with a sedentary lifestyle.

Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is low-impact (as opposed to jogging and favorite sports like basketball and racquetball). It’s fun, inexpensive and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s a great family fitness activity. And it’s eco-friendly. If you recycle, you should also bicycle. Some one billion people depend on bicycles to get to work, transport goods, and have fun every day.

Maintaining fitness only requires two to four hours of activity a week. Let’s look at some of the benefits in more detail:

  • is low impact – it reduces strain injuries especially to the joints.
  • It involves all of the major muscle groups.
  • It does not require a high level of skill (unless you’re Lance Armstrong). Once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget.
  • Cycling is good for both power and endurance, increasing stamina, strength, and aerobic fitness at the same time.
  • It can be as intense or relaxing at you choose. You can start out slow and work your way up to a more demanding pace.
  • Cycling is fun. People will not maintain an exercise activity if it isn’t enjoyable.
  • It is time-efficient. You can bicycle instead of commuting, converting your previously non-productive time into something that improves your overall fitness level.


Indoor Cycling

Even for those who want to bike but can’t fit it in for various reasons, health clubs usually provide indoor machines that duplicate, and even improve on, the benefits of cycling. SoulCycle, a gym that has built its operation around cycling machines, started a fitness center in New York ten years ago and has rapidly expanded due to demand. It’s reasonably priced, despite its locations in some of the most expensive real estate on the planet. Check out Soul Cycle prices if you live in New York City.

Indoor cycling is not subject to variations in the weather. There’s no chance of getting hit by a car. No flat tires. No requirement to wear a helmet. And there is an exciting variety of machines to choose from.

The machines can emphasize which body part you want to focus on, including upper body, through an ingenious array of alternatives to handle bars. Machines also have many ways to measure your exercise – speed, distance pedaled, calories consumed (both total calories and calories per hour), energy expended measured in watts or calories, heart rate, and time. The user can choose from a number of pre-programmed exercise routines and observe personal improvement over time in terms of both difficulty and time spent.

Machines in the gym also make it convenient to combine a resistance workout with aerobics. The serious athlete can do his or her weight routine and immediately follow on with an aerobic workout without losing time or changing clothes.

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