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Illumask: An Effective Acne Treatment for Men

Acne treatment for men
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We all know pimples are pretty common, especially among teenagers. We also know how distressing it can be when you get one. You wake up in the morning to discover that there’s a red blotch sitting dead center in the middle of your forehead. I’ll sometimes get a pimple in this one tiny crevice on the side of my nose, and it does whatever is necessary to remind me that it’s there.

We’ve all been in that situation at one point in our lives, and there are still some men who still get regular breakouts well into their adult years. In fact, according to WebMD, 25-40% of adult men still have trouble with acne.

Acne Vulgaris is a type of mild bacterial infection that affects the pores of your skin. These pores secrete an oily substance that gets rid of dead skin cells by pushing them to the surface. Sometimes, the combination of dead skin, hair, and oil can cause these pores to become clogged, which causes bacteria to build up. The result is a nasty blemish that seems impossible to get rid of.

There are a variety of treatments available. Some are for milder forms of acne, and others are for more moderate to severe cases. You can find a whole plethora of acne products at your local drug store, but for more severe cases a stronger prescription medication may be required. Read this article on Wikipedia for more information on the different types of treatments available.

Light Therapy

This is a type of non-invasive treatment that involves a combination of red and blue lights. It not only helps to kill acne causing bacteria but also works to prevent future outbreaks. It has become increasingly popular in the last ten years, but because of the cost it can be out of reach for some folks. In fact, one light therapy session at a dermatologist’s office can cost $150 or more. So, this might not be an option for those who are on a tight budget.

The Illumask

Compared to other types of light therapy, this could be a low-cost alternative. Priced at $29.95 for thirty 15-minute sessions, it makes this acne mask surprisingly affordable, and it’s as simple as putting on a pair of glasses. You’ll end up looking like a Star Wars battle droid when you wear it, but this acne mask does have an opening along your line of sight. So, you will still be able to see when you have it on. In fact, this acne mask is designed for home use, so you can sit on the couch and watch the game while it does the rest.

You’ll see the same combination of blue and red lights as in any other forms of light therapy, and they both work exactly the same. You have to bear in mind that this acne mask is not as powerful as the kind of light therapy you would get at the doctor’s office. So, you shouldn’t expect to see any noticeable results until about 2-4 weeks of use. Still, the New York Times gave the Illumask a positive review.

While the Illumask may not be the perfect alternative to traditional light therapy, it should still be considered as a viable form of treatment for most mild forms of acne. Most men think that the acne breakouts they might have experienced when they were teenagers are well behind them when they reach their twenties, but there are still some adult men who suffer from this condition. Mostly everyone out there who use this product are seeing positive results.

Featured Photo by Curology on Unsplash

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