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Gym Headphones Buying Guide: Six Things To Look For

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Forget shopping for a pair of jeans or attire for that red carpet event. If you have previously had an experience listening to music during a sweat session then you are aware of how tough selecting a correct pair of gym headphones can get. Why so? The checklist is just extremely long. Go for the fancy looking models that offer an amazing sound dynamic and the result is a short-lived money wasting investment; go for cheaper models and you have to settle for compromised sound quality; they must remain on or in your ears (even when performing rigorous exercises such as squats), they must match up to your beat requirements, they have to be user-friendly, need to be comfortable, must not at any point procreate sweat, must be affordable and more importantly must be light in weight. The list of factors that goes towards finding the ideal pair is wide ranging. Nonetheless, there are those MUST-HAVE ones that make every gym experience worth attending. When you go shopping for your set of gym headphones, these are among the factors you need not miss:

1. Sound Quality: Of course this should be the most significant of factors; why else are you purchasing headphones if not to have a good music experience? The best gym headphones should be equipped with earbuds that provide performance boosting sound coupled with great breadth and obviously the bass.

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2. Earbuds: An ideal pair of gym headphones needs to have earbuds that are tough, secure and capable of offering superior sound quality. There are a host of factors you need to consider relative to ear buds and one noteworthy is finding those that perfectly fit. Basic earbuds are characterized by a hard shape that only sits in your ears for just a short time and nothing beats the frustrating feeling of the ear buds falling off during a series of movements. Not only can it get distracting, but it also beats the purpose of their use where for instance on training, you find yourself with just one earbud stuck in your ear. To avert such situations, it is important to keenly take into account whether the ear buds are characterized by a molding that suits sports fit and whether they apply soft tips made of silicon.

3. Resilience: Forget design and style; are the headphones resilient enough to accommodate the use? Gyms are not suitable settings for delicate accessories and electronics particularly considering the sweat, heat and rough treatment they are susceptible to. As such, you need to look for resilient materials that are resistant to breakage and are equipped with strong casings which safeguard its wiring not to forget water–resistance for the sweat and even rain where you are jogging outside.

4. Controls: Music and working out go analogously and as such disruption in music definitely compromises on your concentration. Whether you are pausing to switch tracks or altering the volume, it helps if the controls are well positioned in a location that is convenient for your reach without much struggle.

5. Biometric: Biometric enabled headphones to monitor the rate of the heart directly collecting information from the ears as one is listening to music; while other advanced models offer audio cues to assist you in the workout sessions. For fitness enthusiasts, you can keep tabs of your heart rate devoid of relying on other devices.

6. Weight: Finally, one overlooked aspect that is vital in your headphone purchasing endeavors is the weight of the models. The lighter they are, the lesser distractions they have. You literally forget you are wearing them!

Final Word

The market is stocked with workout friendly headphones that provide all the stated and relevant features and those that are equipped with several of these factors which result from the users in selecting gym headphones based on feature priority-whether durability, secure fit and superior sound quality which sums up the list of major factors. It is unfair for the user that deserves all the qualities for a perfect gym session to settle for less! Quality sound is personal. What is amazing to one person may not be the other’s cup of tea and as such, an ideal way of selecting the best set of headphones is to personally sample the various models, tick away all the features and ensure they fit all your requirements. Are you shopping for your pair of gym headphones? With these qualities, you should identify the right fit for you in no time!

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