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The Capsule That Helps You Age Better

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When you are in your 20s, aging seems like something that happens to everyone else but you. You feel strong, healthy and almost invincible. Late nights with your friends, adventure travels, sleeping on couches, and the flexibility to do anything without consequences.

As you enter your 30s, you may start to feel your body slowing down. Subtle changes to your metabolism are beginning to occur and you may start realizing various limitations of your body.

Fast forward to your 40s, 50s, and beyond— your body has a hard time keeping up with your brain. If you are clever and proactive, you will start looking for ways to combat the natural effects of aging.

How aging affects your body

As you age, sun exposure, excessive food and alcohol consumption, and jetting between time zones are a few of the factors that can weaken your metabolism and cellular health. While a well-rounded diet, sound sleep, and exercise are good for your body, that’s not enough to keep you in optimal health as time goes on.

Beginning at the most basic level, your cells need a coenzyme called NAD+ to function at their best. Unfortunately, NAD+ levels decline with age. However, in 2004, a scientist named Dr. Charles Brenner discovered a form of vitamin B3, called nicotinamide riboside (NR), can actually boost one’s NAD+ levels.

NR surpasses other forms of vitamin B3 in efficiency and has no known side effects, unlike niacin, which can cause flushing of the skin. “NR can help people age better, increasing levels of NAD+ which decline with age,” says Dr. Brenner.


The company behind NR

ChromaDex, the worldwide patent-holder of nicotinamide riboside, previously only sold NR to third-party brands, but recently made it available directly to consumers under the brand name TRU NIAGEN™. With TRU NIAGEN™ from ChromaDex, you can be sure that you are getting patented, extensively researched and rigorously tested nicotinamide riboside— straight from the company that pioneered it. Every bottle of TRU NIAGEN™ has to meet the highest standards for safety, potency, and purity.

Learn more about the importance of NR as you get older, and incorporate TRU NIAGEN™ into your morning routine.

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