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Your Best Business Trip Ever With These Travel Fitness Hacks

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Many business travelers end up gaining weight and feeling puffy because of the lack of healthy routines. These health effects not only make your body less fit, but it also results in a less successful business. Stay fit and you will be more focused and your trip will surely be more successful. The people at Roundstay are true road warriors. They spend up to 40% to 70% of the time on overnight trips. So, they know how to stay healthy during any business trip. Here are some of their most important fitness travel hacks:

Pack an Empty Bottle and Walk the Airport

Taking your full water bottle with you at the airport is a beginner’s mistake. Paying for a new bottle in the airport will make you angry and upset. Instead of wasting your money or continually drinking overpriced beer, pack an empty bottle and fill it up after security. You can walk the airport, take your water with you and start walking. Never under-estimate the power of a walk! Put on those headphones and lap around the perimeter of the airport.

Forget your pills

Leave sleeping pills alone. They’re not worth it. They will do nothing to assist the jetlag and will just leave you feeling fuzzy when you land. Saying that, on a long flight, you should try to sleep. How about a nice chamomile tea?

Book a hotel with a gym

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A good bed and some room to move can make or break your business trip. But choosing smart does not always mean more expensive. Consider less expensive hotels like airport hotels. Many have great fitness options and their location will make you more focused on business and your own wellness. Of course, at Roundstay we always book a hotel with quality fitness. When you land, you’ll probably feel like going to the gym about as much as chopping off your right foot; but pushing yourself to do so, will revitalize your numb muscles after the flight and give you more energy during the following days.

Explore your new surrounding

Spending time outdoors surrounded by natural light helps your body adjust to the new time zone. Also, staying active helps your body to realize that things have changed around you. Exercise in the form of a brisk walk or run can help people adjust to the advanced clocks. Another option is to book a city-run. Running sightseeing, sight running, running tours… there are many names for this fit travel trend. A local runner guides guests through their home city while sharing facts, history, and anecdotes with the runners. Best of all, you only need a pair of running shoes and you’re off…!

Featured Image by Anant Sharma from Pixabay

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