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Alternative Workouts for Active Gentlemen

Alternative Workouts
Photo by Anupam Mahapatra on Unsplash

As a gentleman, you take pride in your appearance and enjoy working out. So what do you do if your beloved bike gets a puncture, or extreme weather forbids you from taking your early morning run? If you’re looking to shake up your exercise routine or in need of a back up option, here are some alternative workouts.

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Photo by Anupam Mahapatra on Unsplash

Indoor Surfing

Your immediate thought is probably an indoor wave machine where you try your hardest to stay standing on your board. However, there is a different type of indoor surfing that is rising in popularity, that doesn’t require a wetsuit. Also known as Surfset, this mode of workout involves a surfboard balanced on exercise boards. The goal here is to use your legs and core to mimic surfing moves, giving you a surfer’s physique without having to battle the waves. This type of exercise improves balance as well as definition and tone.

The Circus is in Town

A new trend that has been sweeping across the UK and the US is the trapeze. Once an art form reserved for circus performers and gymnasts, this form of exercise is also a great workout. It’s especially good for working out your core muscles and increasing upper body strength, as well as glutes, thighs and back. This total body workout is also great for burning calories.

Paleo Fitness

You’re probably heard of the paleio diet – similar to those of our hunter-gatherer predecessors, but you may not have heard of its companion, paleo fitness. Essentially, this exercise regime involves primal forms of fitness, from climbing trees and lifting logs. Paleo fitness programmes and advice can be found online, or you can simply create your own. It’s a great form of strength training that also improves cardiovascular health. Paleo fitness also means you can enjoy exercising outdoors, rather than being cooped up in a gym. Plus, it’s free.

Put on Your Jump Shoes

Originally designed to reduce stress on runner’s knees and joints, these shoes offer a great work out. Jump shoes come in a range of designs, but they are essentially elevated by space age plastic. Essentially, it’s like having a trampoline fixed to your feet. Added to your regular workout, they double the resistance, giving you a great high intensity workout.

Try out these alternative workouts and see what you think. Use the SuperBody app to analyse how well your training and track your progress – it might even beat your regular workout.

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