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Guide on CBD Oil for Humans and Pets — How Does It Work?

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Guide on CBD Oil for Humans and Pets — How Does It Work?

If you are here, you are either a cannabis enthusiast wanting to learn more about what CBD is, a desperate human trying to find an alternative treatment for their inflammatory condition, or a dog/cat that knows how to use a computer and wants to convince its owner to buy CBD Oil for Humans and Pets to help with their joint pain.

Whatever the case is, this article is for you. Of course, if your dog or cat knows to use a computer, you should seriously consider taking them to a talent show.

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Photo by Marliese Streefland on Unsplash

With that said, and all jokes aside, CBD has indeed gained a lot of attention over the last couple of years, considering that it has, just as cannabis, been legalized in several places worldwide, including the United States. With that said, and considering that marijuana and cannabis can be toxic for pets, is it actually a safe alternative?

And do humans and pets benefit equally from consuming it? What are the actual CBD benefits everyone is talking about? And… Is it worth the risk/investment? Hopefully, I’ll answer these questions in the following sections.

Talking About CBD

CBD is also known as cannabidiol, and it is the most prevalent compound found in the cannabis plant alongside THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol. There’s a huge difference, though, and that is how the cannabidiol products are manufactured.

You see, although cannabis has been legalized in many places, it is now used for both medical and recreational purposes. Many people don’t like how it works because it can get them high, which can interfere with their professional performance and affect them in many different aspects of their lives.

THC gets people trippy, and the main objective of cannabis producers is to obtain plants that contain high levels of THC, often achieved by mixing the two main types of cannabis: Indica and Sativa. 

But there’s a variation of the cannabis plant that contains low THC levels, and it is known as the hemp plant. This is the main source of all CBD-products since, according to regulations, it is necessary to low the tetrahydrocannabinol levels to the point of it being harmless. 

Why Is It so Important

Considering that dogs, cats, and many other animals have stronger endocannabinoid systems than humans, cannabis can affect them on a whole new level, making it much easier for them to get over-high by THC. 

That is why CBD oil is so important for pets as it is for humans, but more for pets: because it is a safer alternative that grants the same medical benefits of cannabis, which are many if I can add. That is why you can actually give human CBD oil to your pet because no matter the differences, the psychoactive compound levels are too low to be harmful.

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The Actual Benefits of CBD

Now, why do people use it? Medical use of cannabidiol is linked to several types of conditions, not only physical but also mental.

For example, research was performed in people who suffered from epileptic seizures showcasing how cannabis and cannabidiol could help with their treatment, reducing the number of seizures in 102 people by 32%. Many hospitals worldwide have started to use CBD to help patients deal with the emotional distress and pain induced by chemotherapy. 

Although research is still very young and there’s no scientific proof backing up its effectiveness in these fields, there’s enough testimonial evidence to support its efficiency.

That is why people, out of curiosity and encouraged by internet reviews, have also started to use it to reduce the effects of inflammatory diseases like arthritis, and they have also visited websites like https://holistapet.com/ which focuses on pet products, to help their pets deal with joint problems and pain-inducing conditions like cancer and kidney stones.

Considering how common these conditions are in animals, specifically speaking about dogs and cats, it is normal that people sought alternative healing methods that don’t cause such nasty side effects as more standards forms of treatment.

The same is for humans who had to consume drugs for their pain for many years and have found a healing panacea for their illnesses.

Of course, cannabidiol, just as cannabis, is not 100% and can still cause side-effects, but comparing them to the side-effects of regular forms of treatment, they are rather harmless. They can be easily dealt with by consuming the right amount of the product. 

And that is why many people try it and stick to it: because it works better and feels better. 

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