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7 Reasons Why Men Should Do Yoga

Why Men Should Do Yoga
Image by Valerii Yanchenko from Pixabay

7 Reasons Why Men Should Do Yoga

Yoga affects the general well-being of a person. For both and women, and is equally important. Let’s have a look at some of its benefits. 

Benefits Of Yoga

Your overall condition improves when doing Yoga regularly. Headaches decrease or disappear entirely. The body is filled with strength and energy. Posture improves by strengthening the back muscles, muscle blocks are removed, and the vertebrae are aligned. 

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Image by Valerii Yanchenko from Pixabay

Breathing becomes even and deep; this allows better oxygenation of all organs. The work of the vascular system and heart improves. Gradually, extra pounds go away; the figure improves by strengthening the muscles. Thanks to Yoga, you can learn to manage your emotions, learn to relax, help cope with insomnia, improve the quality of sleep, and reduce the impact of stress and overwork. 

Moreover, it also helps in coping with drugs and substance addiction. In strategies for dealing with withdrawal symptoms, doctors recommend practicing some yoga poses for patients. It ensures quick recovery from these addictions. 

Why Men Should Do Yoga

1. Yoga Relieves Stress

Chronic stress is a scourge of modern society. It plants immunity, increases the risk of metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease. 

Constant nervous tension harms people of both sexes equally. However, women under stress develop more hormone oxytocin, which makes them gravitate towards other people and receive emotional support from them. 

Regular Yoga has been shown to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. It helps to feel less stressed in daily life and even reduce inflammatory processes in the body. Make time to go on yoga retreats in Costa Rica and do some yoga sessions. The environment will help you relax and relieve your stress. You may also be able to enjoy it like you are on vacation.

2. Exercise Helps With Anxiety And Depression

Women are more likely than men to suffer from depression, but they experience this condition differently as with stress. 

Many men hide their emotional problems, become angry and irritable, and sleep poorly. They often go to the doctor with the physical manifestations of depression – heaviness in the chest, headaches, and digestive disorders. It can complicate the diagnosis and hide the real reasons. 

Yoga helps to cope with mental problems at the physiological level – it increases gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. It is a neurotransmitter with the decreased activity associated with anxiety and mood disorders. Yoga classes reduce anxiety, relieve symptoms of depression, and improve mood.

3. Yoga Helps You Think Better

Another reason why Yoga can scare men away is the spiritual component of the practice. Like physical exercises, the names of asanas in Sanskrit, mantras, and meditation are perceived as something mystical and frivolous. It is not the case. 

Meditation is a scientifically proven way to think better, faster, and more efficiently. Yoga and meditation stimulate brain function, help you achieve your goals, manage emotions, and form the right habits. That is why many successful people, including financier and billionaire Ray Dalio, Ford Motor Company chairman Bill Ford, and former Google CEO Larry Page, use meditation to increase their performance. 

Even one yoga session increases the speed and accuracy of working memory and does it better than cardio. True, the effect is observed only after exercise and quickly fades away, but this is an excellent reason to start your day with Yoga. 

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Photo by Anupam Mahapatra on Unsplash

4. Yoga Practice Relieves Back Pain

A sedentary lifestyle or excessive workout often results in back and joint problems. As a result, lower back and neck pain becomes a constant companion of a man, reduces functionality and quality of life.

Yoga helps cope with low back pain, improve functionality, and reduce the use of pain relievers. It works no worse than physiotherapy and helps to get rid of chronic lower back pain, not only during classes but also for several months after they stop. 

5. Yoga Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Men die at a younger age than women from cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and acquire earlier in life. Cardio and high-intensity interval training help pump the heart and protect against CVD. This is true, but one recent study shows that the beneficial effect is excellent when we add Yoga to aerobic training. 

6. Yoga Improves Performance in Sports

It develops qualities that are useful for any sport:

  • Coordination and a sense of balance: Many asanas require a good sense of balance and strengthen the abdominal and back muscles necessary for strength training, team sports, and martial arts.
  • Flexibility: Good joint mobility is essential for both strength sports and martial arts. Asanas will help develop general flexibility, release restrictions, and increase amplitude in a wide variety of movements.
  • Concentration: Learning to focus on movement can help improve performance and avoid injury. Yoga teaches you to clear your head of unnecessary thoughts, and this directly affects your performance.

7. You Can Practice It At Any Age

There is no age limit for Yoga. You can study with your children. Yoga classes contribute to a more harmonious development of the child. It is the kind of physical activity; you can practice at any age. No matter how old you are, you can always find something suitable for yourself. But there are still limitations. 

For some diseases, doctors advise against Yoga. These are malignant neoplasms, infectious diseases of the brain and spine. Also, one’s physical condition can serve as a limitation to exercise. If an exercise fails, you shouldn’t try to do it flawlessly right away.  

Perform to the best of your strength and health at a comfortable pace. And changes will not be-long in coming. As your physical condition improves, so will your motivation to exercise. 

Summing Up

As you can see, it makes sense to add Yoga to your workout schedule. However, you should not perceive it as another sport in which you need to show yourself and achieve heights. In this case, Yoga can be dangerous. 

Don’t chase after results, and remember that stretching and holding poses is only part of the practice. Such work will increase the joints’ mobility, but if during asanas, you will think about your problems instead of focusing on body position and breathing, the benefits of Yoga will be much less. 

Concentrate on the work of your body and breathing, take your time, and exercise regularly. In this case, Yoga will give you a healthy and flexible body, calmness, and a sharp mind.

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