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4 Ways to Get More Personal Training Clients

Whether you work as a personal trainer at a local gym or run an online personal training business; the goal is to always build a long list of satisfied clients to keep your healthy business afloat. And although the goal is simple, it’s still a struggle that numerous personal trainers face every month. Yet, these same personal trainers continue to do the things that don’t work and keep expecting different results.

So, if you’re a personal trainer who’s constantly scrambling to get more clients, maybe what you’re doing now needs to change. It’s time to think outside the box. In this article, we’ll outline the four best ways to help you increase your client load and be fully booked by next month.

Add Value to What You Offer and What You Get

The general idea is that you have to leave your training prospects better off each time they contact you. And even if they don’t sign up for your program, the first consultation should leave them with a clear sense of direction regarding their problems. Remember, you’re the expert in the discussion, and each prospective client considers whether you’re the right person to help them solve their problems.  

Of course, it’s not advisable to give away all your work for free, but leaving your prospective clients with something significant might prove very beneficial. Having your own “bank of resources” that you might direct them to, like blog posts written on your site, infographics on your Facebook page, or resources you can email them are all fantastic ways to over-deliver before they even commit to working with you. 

At the same time, you should never neglect your side of the story and add value in the form of safety to your business as well. For example, for only $11/per month, you can obtain online personal trainer insurance in minutes to protect your business from unhappy clients, bodily injury claims, harmful dietary advice, and even sexual misconduct.

Make Sure to Nail Your Professional Image 

We all know that the gym is not a suit-and-tie environment, but you should still take great pride in your appearance and fashion as a professional trainer. If you want your clients to take you seriously, you constantly need to look professional and sharp and not like someone who couldn’t cut it in some other profession. 

For instance, presentation and particular uniform characteristics are reasonable indications of someone who knows what they’re doing in the gym. So separate yourself from the typical personal trainers who love to sleep in their basketball shorts by looking like a true professional by wearing an ironed collared shirt with khaki shorts, for example. Even more, if you want to emphasize your flair, you can do it in subtle ways, like with your shoes.


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Consider Offering Special Pricing Deals 

Special pricing deals in the form of discounts and other incentives seem never to wear out their welcome. Regular people are always searching for the most economically balanced option or the best deal, whether they’re buying a brand new laptop or signing up for a personal training program. 

For that reason, if you want to get more clients, it’s wise to do a little market research in your local area and find out what other personal trainers are doing and then do it better in your unique way. To get a slight advantage over your competitors, you can offer a 30% discount on the first five sessions, for example. 

Additionally, you can perform discounted or even free assessments every quarter or create unique pricing options during holidays or special events. Depending on your clientele, you can even organize events like free St. Patrick’s Day workout sessions or father-son specials.

Reach Out to Local Businesses

Nowadays, employee wellness is considered a luxury and not a priority within most companies and even enterprises. So make connections with local entrepreneurs or executives and prove them wrong by providing short 30-minutes classes to workers over the lunch hour or online via webinars entirely free of charge. 

During these informative events, you’ll possibly be able to build your network with people from your area, get your face out in the local community, and successfully recruit new clients to take advantage of your professional services after working hours.  


Whatever way or combination of methods you opt for on how to get more personal training clients as a trainer, don’t forget that you should explore multiple options before acknowledging what works best for your scenario. 


Add value to your offering, always look and talk professional, consider offering some incentives to lure new clients, and try reaching out to local businesses to grow your customer base and run a successful business.  

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