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Your Style Guide for A Perfect Summer!

Your Style Guide for A Perfect Summer!
Image by Ranjat M from Pixabay

Peppy pinks, warm whites, rosy reds, and gregarious greens; soothing summers are around the corner, and it’s about time to experiment with all those hues. Let the sun not be the only one shining out there because ’tis the season to equip your wardrobe with the best attires and slay it out there. Be it a casual strolling or the coveted date you have been eagerly waiting for, we have got you covered, gentlemen! Here’s a style guide of all the must-haves in your wardrobe for that classy summer look.

1. Shorts the saviour

Alright, let’s just agree that this little piece of garment is ABSOLUTE in your wardrobe! Shorts aren’t just confined to an athletic look but also fulfill the purpose of a perfect casual outfit. Be it that safe pair of black shorts or those bold khaki shorts or the evergreen denim pair- style them up with a fitted tee, a cap, some dapper shades, and oh boy, you are ready to steal all those stares out there!

2. Take them tees out

Do we talk about summers without mentioning those gorgeous tees? No sir, absolutely not! We know you have been waiting all winter to get rid of those layers and style your best tees with your lowers. No amount of basic tees is ever going to be enough. And you know what the best part about them is? You pick any color, and you can style it up with any lower of yours! Besides the evergreen printed t-shirts for men, round neck tees and Henley tees are quite the fad these days. Although, remember not to go too harsh on the fabric and try sticking to cotton.

3. Go breezy for the breeze

Every summer has those days when the weather plays its tiny game, and you feel grateful that you didn’t put away all your winter clothes inboxes. You know it is that one bright sunny day and then suddenly it starts pouring out of nowhere! The breeze calls in for breezy full sleeve t-shirts for men, or even sweatshirts or hoodies for men that do not exactly keep you from the cold but meet the purpose. With that being said, lightly seasoned mustard, olive green, baby pink, and sweatshirts for men are exactly what your wardrobe is screaming for. 

4. Take those boxers for a stroll

This one sneaky pair of clothing possesses just the right trick. Originally meant to be worn for staying at home comfort clothing; it won’t be wrong to say that boxer shorts can be worn to the beach, during the scorchy summer heat, or just for a stroll with your friends. You can grab a pair of these cool, funky, and oh-so-comfortable boxers.

5. A sole for the soul

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Never underestimate the power of good footwear. Your shoes are the first thing that captivates someone’s attention as a part of your outfit. With that being said, it is a given that they can either add a cherry to your cake or completely ruin it; all boils down to how you carry them. Buying an ideal pair of sneakers is a big deal because they are here to stay. A pair of black Vans will be our all-time winner, but this summer, don’t hesitate to experiment with other colors and types! A good pair of Chelsey boots in rustic brown or grey for a party and sporty sandals for a trip to the grocery shopping is good to go when following our style guide.

6. Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

You know it’s your time to go extra, yet keep it subtle when your wrists lie idle because you don’t have those long hoodie arms covering them. It is monotonous to see you wearing just a full sleeve t-shirt for men. Cover them up with a classy watch or multiple wristbands. Beige, brown, and black shades would compliment any look. Also, don’t shy away from putting on that thumb ring or that exquisite locket! Follow these tricks, and you are guaranteed to steal the show, Monsieur.

So boys and men! Ditch the old-school and safe this summer. It’s time to match your tones with the tone of the season! Up your wardrobe game, and go put up a show out there by following our style guide. Quarantine or not, let people out there remember you by the guy who, on a sunny evening, chose to put up the best summer outfit and show up for grocery shopping. Make this summer sublime with those playful printed t-shirts for men, that one excellent pair of denim, those gorgeous shorts, and the perfect pair of shoes!

Featured Image by Ranjat M from Pixabay

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