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Weddings to Daywear: A Stylish Appearance is Sometimes an Absolute Necessity

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Wedding season is upon us, and that means it’s more important than ever to have your wardrobe on point! Statistically, most people get married between May and October, which is why I call it wedding season! The stylish look is essential at these big events, whether it’s at the wedding itself or any of the formal festivities surrounding it.

This can be tough for both men and women, but at least women have each other to rely on and are usually more comfortable picking out something appropriate. So, what about the guys?? Here are a few tips from us..

Go Custom!

Well the easiest option is to go direct to a top-end designer and tailor, who will be able to create a custom piece to suit your build and fulfil your needs. Take Chookhare and Sons for example, you simply let them know what the occasion is and what you have in mind, and they can advise you from there. After discussing options and giving you any info you need, you can decide on the appropriate style together. After this, they’ll work up some clothing that looks and fits fantastically. It’s a sure-fire way to looking good!

Keep it Light

A light fabric is usually a good idea for a suit, unless you live in particularly cold climes. Wearing a suit can lead to you getting hot a lot faster than usual, and wedding season is usually when the weather is at its best, so it’s going to be even hotter! The sweaty, messy look does not look stylish and doesn’t reflect well on anybody. Avoid it by getting a light suit in the first place.

Don’t Forget the Footwear

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Making the right choice is hard enough when it comes to a suit, yet many men forget to consider their shoes at all and simply throw on the same old pair with everything they wear. This is disastrous! You need to look stylish at these get togethers, and that means having shoes that go with your clothing and which are also clean and well maintained. Putting this extra effort in is sure to be noticed!

Keep the Time & Occasion in Mind

Dressing for different events requires different dress codes. Again, you have the tailor option to really get it down, because few people know the specifics of dress code like a tailor does. Beyond that noting the time of day is a good start, as daytime functions are likely to be more relaxed and functional in dress than an evening get together.

Likewise, a “meet & greet” type of event will be formal though not overly so, whereas a full-on wedding should bring out the best of everybody’s wardrobe.

Make Sure Everything Matches!

This should be the most obvious of all tips, though it’s still worth repeating – Everything you wear should match! The tie, shirt, suit, shoes, any cufflinks etc. All of it should match everything else you wear. Don’t match shirt to your suit, then just match your tie to the shirt, only to find later the tie and suit don’t really go together. Work it all out beforehand so you know what goes and are prepared for the day itself.

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