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Upgrade your look this summer with sustainable shirts from Ecoths


Does anyone else feel as though life is slipping away from them every time they shop for clothes? Summer has barely begun where I am. There are many idyllic weeks of grilling and pool parties and lazing on the beach ahead of me, and suddenly everything I own is too hot. But just try to buy summer clothing at this time of year. There comes a time in your life when you don’t want everything you wear to be spangled with watermelons or with the word ‘lit’ – and I have reached that time. Mostly I just want to wear an unassuming, quality shirt that fits well, looks good, and won’t fall to bits in the washing machine when I’ve worn it twice.

That’s exactly what I found with the Ecoths menswear collection.

Ecoths focus on sustainable materials like organic cotton, silk-like Modal and rayon made from bamboo. If that’s not cool enough for you, try this: you know how every so often a #lifehack will do the rounds online, encouraging you to sew a square of cleaning cloth into an inside corner of your shirt so you can use it to clean your glasses or your phone screen? If you’re anything like me your first thought will have been “great idea” and your second will have been “ain’t nobody got time for that.” Right? Well, that’s where the Handycloth range comes in: many of Ecoths’ shirts come with a microfiber cloth built right into the bottom front placket (did you know ‘placket’ means the part of a garment that helps you put it on? Now you do).

summer wear for men - Upgrade your look this summer with sustainable shirts from Ecoths

In short, before I even tried on an Ecoths shirt I was convinced that they were what we in the fashion-reviewing biz call Pretty Chill. Were my illusions shattered once I took a look at the shirts? Reader, they were not. Last Tuesday on their website I picked up two polos and a button-front shirt with short sleeves, came away with a decent chunk of change from two hundred bucks (there’s free shipping over $79!) and by the time Friday rolled around I had a whole long weekend’s worth of outfits ready to go.

I liked how they felt on – both the lightweight fabric and the fit. What’s more, my girlfriend liked them; and during those few days I got more than one guy-compliment about the way the shirts looked, too. (If you’re not familiar with guy-compliments, they go like this: “Hey, new shirt?”)

On Sunday we ended up going for an impromptu hike, which gave me chance to check out the quality of a shirt which claimed to be just perfect for the trail. Half an hour I wondered if I’d made a mistake wearing a shirt at all rather than, say, nothing but a layer of sunblock: it was hot. But true to its word, the Ecoths shirt was super breathable, and felt pretty comfortable all afternoon.

The range is not huge, but with a good few colors and prints to choose from you’re bound to find something to suit you; and their sizing goes up to XXL, so they work for a decent spread of body types too. Do your wardrobe, your conscience and the planet a favor and pick up a few Ecoths shirts before the summer’s out.

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