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Three Tips to Transform Your Sense of Style While Stuck on a Shoestring Budget

Maybe you’re tired of your current look.

Perhaps you never really “got” what fashion was all about.

Regardless of your situation, it’s only natural to get fed up with your sense of style every once and a while. This is especially true if you’ve never given a second thought about the vibe you’re giving off due to your current look.

Despite popular belief, finding your sense of fashion and style doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, nor does it need to be particularly complicated. In fact, it arguably makes more sense to spend less when defining your style: this provides you with more options in terms of your wardrobe and ensures that you don’t spend beyond your budget.

If you don’t want to splash too much cash on clothes but still want to switch up your personal style, you’re in luck. Keep the following tips in the back of your mind to make the transformation that much easier.

Focus On Your Grooming First

Grooming habits are the most overlooked aspect of your personal appearance, plain and simple. The old saying goes that “the clothes make the man,” but consider how your haircut ties and look together. From making your face appear slimmer to complementing your hairline, it’s important to make sure that you’ve taken care of your grooming habits before diving knee deep in your fashion choices.

For example, it pays to invest in men’s hair products tailored specifically for the style and health of your hair. Trust us: there’s a major difference between discount and premium product. Meanwhile, regular shaving and beard-maintenance defines whether or not you rock the clean-cut look or appear as if you just rolled out of bed.

Get Thrifty

Paying top-dollar for fashion rarely makes sense, especially given the constant slew of sales and discounts out there. Scouting for doesn’t have to mean buying cheaper clothes, either. Consider smart options for saving money on fashion such as…

  • Coupon websites such as RetailMeNot which aggregate new deals on a daily basis
  • Checking out thrift shops and secondhand stores which allow you to shop name-brand fashion at the fraction of retail prices
  • Shopping primarily during steep discount days such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday

These three points alone can slash your fashion budget in half. In short, don’t solely chase trends or buy impulsively. There’s always a deal around the corner if you’re patient.

Be Willing to Mix and Match

Most men make the mistake of buying way too much when it comes time to revamp their wardrobe. In reality, strive to create a week or two’s worth of outfits by smart mixing and matching. For example, you don’t need a new pair of jeans for every day of the week; meanwhile, you can easily swap out undershirts and outerwear to create a totally new outfit day after day.

That’s why having “staple” brands such as H&M and Forever21 are important for your basic fits like tees and tank tops. Items from these brands won’t last forever but are insanely cheap, serving as the sort of “base” for any given look without blowing out your budget.

Changing up your style doesn’t have to be rocket science, nor does it have to set you back financially. By knowing where to focus your fashion efforts and spending smarter, you can transform yourself sooner rather than later.

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