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Three Creative Halloween Costumes for Couples

October is right around the corner and that means it’s time to start brainstorming for Halloween. Your calendar may fill up quickly with festive parties to attend, and with that in mind you may begin to worry about what you and your date will dress up as.

Finding what really correlates with the vibe of you and your date or S.O. can be done by factoring in humor, fun, horror, sass, and heroism. If you don’t have the time to do a DIY costume this year, no need to worry. Figuring out what will get you the party’s “best costume” award can sound like an intimidating task, but with the right help you will have multiple options.

Don’t let your creativity stop you from joining your friends over spiked cider and caramel apples. Check out our innovative costume suggestions and get one step ahead of the Halloween game.

Michael Phelps & Shark

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Nothing like a thoughtful and creative pop culture costume. Remember that time Michael Phelps was going to “race a shark”? This Halloween is the time to let your love for Shark Week and the USA Olympic swimmer shine, and Tipsy Elves has the perfect costume to do so. To dress as Michael Phelps, they have an American Onesie, and your date can compliment you as the shark in this chic Shark Dress. If you are looking for a Halloween costume you can re-wear, you are in luck. These costumes would not only make you the hit of Halloween, but it’ll also make you star of your next Fourth of July and Shark Week parties!

Taking on Michael Phelps and the famous Shark this year at your best friends Halloween party will share your humor and creativity, without the time consuming DIY project.

Werewolf & Little Red Riding Hood

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Werewolf and red robin, a classic costume that never gets old. You and your date can get creative with what type of wolf and robin you want to be in your costume: classic, humorous, gothic, sassy, enchanting, etc. Tipsy Elves sets you up to be the perfect werewolf of your choice, with the Werewolf Jumpsuit. The ventilation zippers and functional chest pockets allow you to be howling under the moonlight all night long, especially with your date dressed as Party City’s, Miss Red Riding Hood. Keeping it simple with these costumes will be an easy go-to and will you put you high on the ranking for “Best Couples Costume” at this year’s endless list of parties.

This creative, yet classic couple costume will allow for some fierce photos at one of your festive social events this Halloween season.

Kevin Minion & Women Minion

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Are you and your date a fan of animated movies? Perhaps the Universal Studio’s film, The Minions, is a favorite?  This Halloween, you and your date can feed both your creativity and love for the movie. You can show your friends that real men love animated movies, too. Dressing up in the Minions Couple Costume from Party City will provide your friends with a good laugh and will be great for photo opps.This favorable costume will make you the life of the party as you channel your inner minion, giggling and causing mayhem all night long.  A hint of humor and a touch of playfulness in this costume will help you get in the running to be crowned King and Queen of Halloween.

No matter how many Halloween parties you’re going to this year, you now have these three creative costumes in your back pocket. Save yourself the time and hassle of creating a DIY couples Halloween costume, and take advantage of these ideas instead. Pumpkin flavored beer and spiked cider will be waiting for you and your date after you are win bragging rights for best costume and recognized as the star of the party.

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