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Tailormade to You: My Go-to T-Shirt by Son of a Tailor

Bespoke, made-to-order, and the traditional old-man tailors are now commonplace as more gentleman opt like myself prefer that their clothing fit their actual body dimension rather than trying to fit into mass-produced items. It was only a matter of time before the bespoke clothing industry became competitive enough that an entrepreneur like Son of a Tailor CEO Jess Fleischer skipped past custom blazers and oxford shirts to producing made-to-order t-shirts.

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The t-shirt is a main wardrobe staple for any fashion conscious man (like myself). Read any men’s lifestyle magazine, online style forum, or talk to a successful and well dressed man and they will all agree that you need a few basic t-shirts, a great pair of dark jeans, a versatile belt, solid pair of casual shoes (I like chukkas), a nice blazer, and a handful of nice button down shirts to begin the foundation of your wardrobe. These are the items that you probably wear every-day already.

I am pleased that tailored t-shirts are available for the gentlemen who care about their wardrobe staples. Son of a Tailor offers t-shirts made one at a time to a person’s individual measurements. The t-shirts are designed in Denmark with fabric sourced from Austria and constructed in Poland according to the measurements and style preferences. Son of a Tailor doesn’t believe in standard sizes but follows an ordering process that still simplifies the life of their customers, rather than “add to the noise”. They explain that the ideal t-shirt design is “a balance between the fit of the T-Shirt, the quality of the materials and the attention to details.”

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As a constant traveler usually living month-to-month in far flung countries around the world I tend to stick with just the staples. Well-fitting, versatile colors, and quality materials define what I wear. It has only been maybe five years since I began to understand the basics of style—how to dress well. It’s a learning process for sure and just like most, looking back each year at my choices, I tend to wonder what was going through my mind looking back on Facebook travel photos.

An American Apparel, Diesel, Hanes, or any other t-shirt simply won’t do when the only sizes are small, medium, large, and so on.

The number one principle I have taken away from this learning experience is that clothes that actually fit well is far more important than quality material, name brand items, and any other idea you want to float around. That’s the reason I have had custom blazers, pants, button down shirts, and a few other items custom made around the world in Nepal, Colombia, the Philippines, and elsewhere. Despite doing my due diligence to find some of the shops with the best reputations; none of them were up to the challenge of creating a t-shirt from scratch.

I don’t know of any tailor up to the challenge. It may be beneath them, less profitable, or simply because they have never done it.

That leaves a huge gap is my small but important collection of clothing that always seem to fit in one small carry-on suitcase. T-shirts are overlooked and I get it. They come in size extra-small, small, medium, large, and some other large sizes. Better clothing brands will even offer specific fits from tailored to classic, amongst others. That is still not good enough as all of the men in the world don’t simply fit into a handful of different sizes and fits. That shirt in Stockholm fit well but unfortunately i’m not a giant. The shirt in Tokyo was great but i’m not that skinny.

Do you get the point?

It is okay. The demand for well fitting t-shirts is very niche and I doubt it may ever become a “thing”. I understand that and it’s okay. It took many years for the modern world to come around on coffee after a clever marketing campaign from Colombia using a fictional Colombian coffee farmer named Juan Valdez to promote the idea of drinking coffee. It worked. But we’re talking about t-shirts here. Well-fitting t-shirts is a small niche and that likely won’t ever change. However, Son of a Tailor fills this big fashion void.

Rainbow trout fishing in New Zealand

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How to Order

Placing an order was neither easy or difficult. Son of a Tailor mailed me a simple but classy small box pictured below.

IMG 20150430 220518 1024x768 - Tailormade to You: My Go-to T-Shirt by Son of a TailorThe instructions on how to take my own measurements using the measuring tape were provided in the box.

IMG 0080 1024x768 - Tailormade to You: My Go-to T-Shirt by Son of a Tailor

After taking my own measurements I submitted each number in Son of a Tailor’s online database ordering system for review.

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The tailor reviewing my measurements noticed a few errors and suggested that I redo a few specific measurements. My t-shirt soon arrived in the mail.

The Verdict

I’m a big fan that the tailor constructing my t-shirt followed the process from start to finish and it shows in the final product. The company used long stapled cotton fibers for “a softer fabric with low pilling and high durability” because longer fibres make better quality material. That might sound a little too technical but it made for a soft, comfy shirt that has shows no sign of wear months later. Similarly, their material has a gauge of E36 compared to the common gauge between E20-E30 for most other t-shirts you will find in stores. I think that’s part of the reason why I am enjoying the feel of it so much.

I have worn this t-shirt extensively over the past three months as I have traveled throughout New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, and now the United States. You can see me below at the Hobbit House in New Zealand wearing my black t-shirt from Son of a Tailor. Despite my odd measurements, it fits to my shape in all the right places.

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Price:$60 – $70 USD

Where to Purchase: Son Of A Tailor

Son of a Tailor offered their service complimentary. I liked my t-shirt so much that I decided to write about my experience. All opinions expressed above are my own.

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