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T-Shirt: Workout Tips to Look Great in One

If there is one thing that makes a person feel confident, it’s having a great shape. While many people hate showing off their bodies, if you have been working out, you will enjoy seeing yourself in the mirror. In light of this fact, there are workouts you definitely should try to make yourself look great in the most basic clothing a man can wear – T-shirts. T-shirts are plain things that exemplify your physique and your shape. Here are 4 tips on working out to look great in T-shirts.

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Try improving your laterals, biceps, and your chest.

Wear a T-shirt, and you’re sure to gain attention. It shows off how toned you are. If you’ve noticed, professional wrestlers like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and John Cena simply wear T-shirts when going out in public. This is because they have greatly toned their laterals. Dwayne also has videos online showing people how he works out his biceps and his chest. These famous body builders look great in simple clothing.

You can try wide-grip pull-ups along with lat cable pull-downs to raise your lats and biceps’ volume and tone. You can try hammer curls, seated concentration curls, lying dumbbell pullovers, and barbell incline presses for the others. Make sure you feel the burn as you do the exercises so that you will achieve results while training yourself. Try four sets for each exercise and do it once a week. You will gain great results once you do this regularly.

Focus on triceps, trapezius muscles, and shoulders

As you go on with your exercises, you can try to shift your focus to working your triceps, trapezius muscles and shoulders. These muscles are very conspicuous when wearing T-shirts. If you see actors like the recent Captain America lead actor, Chris Evans, you’ll see great muscles in each of the three enumerated. His scenes in the Civil War movie shows this off even when he wears t-shirts. If you want to gain great muscles like that, you can try the set below.

As with the first set, you can try doing these exercises with 4 sets. You only do it once a week (along with the exercises above) to gain fast results in just a few weeks. First off, you can try barbell shrugs. Each set should contain 8 reps. Try not to pause after shrugs and move on to kettlebell sumo high pulls. 10 reps for each set on this one. You can also try Dips, Dumbbell skull crushers, rear delt fly, barbell overhead strict press, dumbbell lateral raises, and dips.

Looking good in T-shirts does not need many other things. You only have to divert the focus of your exercises so that you’ll gain a great body. You can opt for supplements like shakes and others, but make sure you get someone to help you on workouts. Not only you develop great physique, but you also develop great camaraderie and motivation from others.

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