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My Experience with the Watch Gang

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How would you like to be part of an exclusive club that gave you access to some of the best fashion deals that put the finishing touches on your unique brand of style? Everyone loves an elegant and stylish watch to complete their look, and it’s about far more than just being able to tell the time.

With the old-fashioned craftsmanship of a well-made timepiece back on the forefronts of elegance, professionalism, and personal style, you can’t afford to be left in the wrong place at the wrong time.

WatchGang.com gives you exclusive, limited access to some of the best deals on high-quality, brand name watches – and special deals like a monthly watch that you get to keep, with nothing asked for in return.

Here’s more about how WatchGang.com can help you to find the best deals on watches, establish your own unique and elegant fashion style and a comprehensive guide on how it all works.

The WatchGang.com Monthly Watch Club

If you join the Watch Gang, you’ll get exclusive and instant access to their special membership program that sends you a high-quality, master crafted designer timepiece every single month as a special thanks for being a part of the Watch Gang – and the watch is guaranteed to be worth as much as five times more than your membership.

That’s one watch every month, and it’s a watch you get to keep forever – there are no special conditions, no special policy that you are under contract or obligation to return the watch or even recommend a friend to them to keep the watch.

The Watch Gang likes to see people expressing their unique forms of style with popular and emerging watch brands, and the watch remains yours forever.

Weekly Watch Contests

The Watch Gang offers exclusive contests for people who sign up, and who doesn’t like the chance to win something, especially something they might have already had on their wish list for a while?

Every week, all registered members of the Watch Gang get to enter exclusive contests for members only that give you a unique chance to win a Tag Heuer watch every Tuesday and a Rolex every Friday.

Who knows? You might be the next member of the Watch Gang to walk away with an exclusive and stylish high-class designer watch – and if this week isn’t your lucky one, then you always have a chance to enter again.

Watch Gang

The Watch Gang Exchange

If you have a watch that you would like to showcase or sell, all members of the Watch Gang will get exclusive membership access to an exclusive private Facebook page for members only with more than 27, 000 members called the Watch Gang Exchange where you can exchange your watches with some of the other members of the group.

If you have your eye on a specific watch for yourself, a family member or a friend, then you should join the Watch Gang for exclusive access to the exchange until you can buy, sell or trade your way to the specific watch that fits your individual style needs.

If you’re an expert at the art of the haggling ro trading with an eye for spotting a great deal, then you can even turn your collection of watches into a successful side-business with the help of the Watch Gang Exchange – and excellent deals on verified, authentic designer watches that you wouldn’t find at these kinds of deals anywhere else.

Just like you, all of the other members on the group have been verified to gain access to the exclusive membership group, and the Watch Gang deals only in quality, authentic timepieces through the weekly watch club, guaranteed.

The Wheel of Watches

Exclusive membership to the Watch Gang Exchange and access to weekly watch contests that can get you some of the best and most popular watches on the market right now isn’t all that joining the Watch Gang can get you.

You also get access to The Wheel of Watches, where you can spin an interactive wheel of fortune for another chance at winning a Grail item like an exclusive, unique Tag Heuer or Rolex watch.

Only Authentic, Quality Watches

Worried about a raw deal instead of a timeless watch? With the Watch Gang, you don’t ever have to worry about being given anything other than an authentic, quality watch made according to the highest quality standards straight from the manufacturer.

Getting the Chronologia Ranger Satin

Exclusive membership should mean exclusive deals, and I wasn’t disappointed with the first watch I received from the Watch Gang’s Black Tier membership. The moment I had the watch unwrapped and out of the box, I immediately felt like I was part of the gang – and part of an exclusive new club for the upscale and fashionable, because I was.

The Chronologia Ranger Satin was the first watch I received, worth $415. I was blown away by how sleek this one was, and it even came with a handy travel case so I could take it anywhere and put it in with the rest of the luggage without having to worry about any damage to the watch.

Features that especially impressed me with the Chronologia Ranger was the comfortable fit, the triple-layered dial, entirely scratch resistant glass (even when accidentally dropped!) – and a glow-in-the-dark dial that made it perfect for night-time hiking.

You know how it always goes when you are looking for a knew watch, the strap is not quite right, the head is too large or too small, etc… but this watch was just about perfect, especially for the $99 I paid for it. Maybe it is because the watch was only $99 or maybe it was because it was a surprise instead of working to find something just right, but whatever the reason is, I felt like this watch was perfect.

Want to be part of the incredible, exclusive club that could change your perspective on style?  Subscribe here and get 10% off when you use promo code GENT10 – and welcome to the Watch Gang, where we’re always on time!

This post is sponsored by Watch Gang, and all opinions are entirely my own

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