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7 Things to Do and See in Mykonos

7 Things to Do and See in Mykonos
Image by Pami exclusiv-travel on Pixabay

The Greek Island of Mykonos, which means ‘a mass of stones,’ is located in the Aegean Sea and part of a group of islands called the Cyclades. Famously known for its nightlife, Mykonos has something to offer for everyone. 

Start your trip off by treating yourself like a celebrity by staying in one of the luxury villas in Mykonos.  A Greece Driving Guide can help you understand how to get around by yourself. Then, take in everything Mykonos has to offer with these eight must-see attractions in the area. 


The beaches are one of the most obvious attractions in Mykonos. There are 28 official white, sandy beaches around the island, with many more secluded beaches to explore as well. Paradise and Super Paradise Beach are beautiful beaches that are usually very busy with party-goers. Paraga and Psarou are also beach party favorites, while Ornos is more family-friendly, with dozens of seafront restaurants.

Elia is becoming more popular with surfing and nudists, while the crystal clear waters at Platys Gialos is the perfect place for a swim. Panormos Beach, once a former hidden secret that remains a wild beach, is perfect for naturists. 

Some other secret beaches include Mirsini Beach, Tigani Beach, Korfos Beach, and Agios Lazaros Beach, among others. There are no umbrellas or chairs to rent and no restaurants, however. Make sure you bring everything you need, as well as enough water and snacks if you plan on spending time here.


Mykonos is nicknamed “The Island of the Winds,” so watersports are very popular in the area. Megali Ammos, Agios, Agios Stefanos, Lia, or Kalafatic Beaches are the best spots for windsurfing, flyboarding, and wakeboarding.

One of the more adventurous things to do in Mykonos is to get a view of the island from a kayak. There are kayak tours available around Mykonos that will take you out on the sea to experience some of the hard-to-reach sights. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy a different and stunning vantage point of the island.  

Mykonos also offers plenty of caves, walls, and wrecks to explore by scuba diving to intrigue beginners and advanced divers alike. Divers will get an up-close view of barracudas, octopuses, starfish, sponges, and more. 

Bike Tour

Mykonos is a mountainous island, which is great if you’re looking to get some exercise. One company to check out is Yummy Pedals. They offer many bike tours covering different routes for all skill levels. Plus, you’ll get to experience some sights, beaches, and churches that are off the beaten track.  

Historical Sites

Sitting on the coast just outside the neighborhood of Little Venice are the Kato Myli grain windmills. Dating back to the 16th century, Mykonos was once known for its wheat production. Only seven remain of this island’s most iconic sites.

Windmills on Mykonos
Image by Andrea Spallanzani from Pixabay

Take a cruise to the island of Delos to see the protected UNESCO World Heritage Site. Delos was once a major religious spot in ancient Greece. All that remains are the ruins of various temples scattered around that cover a range of different eras. 

Stroll down the marble quays of the Old Harbour. The Town Hall arcades date back to the 1700s, and nearby is the blue-domed, tiny church of Agios Nikolaos. The harbor is lined with restaurants, boutiques, design shops, and tasteful souvenir stores that sit shoulder-to-shoulder with quaint little churches such as the Agia Eleni and Agios Kirykos.

To the north of Chora is a working lighthouse guiding traffic along the strait between Mykonos and neighboring Tinos. This octagonal tower was erected in 1891 and flashes a white signal every 10 seconds. Although you can’t go inside, the lighthouse is a trip worth making – especially after sunset when you can see the lights of Agios Sostis and Laouti on the other side of the strait.


A visit to the Aegean Maritime Museum houses artifacts representing Greek nautical history from ancient to the present times. For those who love antiquities, don’t miss the Archaeological Museum. 

The Folklore Museum is a tribute to the island’s history, both old and new. Inside the museum, you will find both traditional and historical pieces of Mykonos’ history. You will find everything from photographs to ancient tools on display. 


If you ask the locals, they will tell you there are 365 churches on Mykonos, one for each day of the year. Panagia Paraportiani is the most famous. Located in central Chora, this whitewashed church dates back to the Byzantine era and features various religious decorations dating back to the Middle Ages.


Stroll through the white-washed narrow walkways of Hora’s small capital, lined with picture-perfect restaurants and boutiques. Little Venice is excellent for art, fashion, and handmade souvenirs. These long little alleys showcase the incredible architecture of the Cycladic islands.

For a little island, Mykonos has a lot to offer. From amazing landscapes, sparkling seas, and fascinating historical sites, don’t miss this gem on your trip to Greece.

Featured Image by Pami exclusiv-travel on Pixabay