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Styling Tips for the Gentleman’s Luxuriously Large Bathroom

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When it comes to bathrooms, there’s no question that bigger is better.

The average person might argue that small bathrooms are perfect the way they are, but how many articles do you read about ways to make your massive bathroom look smaller? That’s right, none. They’re all about the tips and tricks for making puny washrooms look bigger and more impressive than they are.

If you’ve been blessed with a huge bathroom, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. You don’t have to think twice about what you do with it or in it, because there’s enough room to do basically do whatever you want. That, and the fact that EVERYONE is a little bit jealous. Your guy mates might not mention it when they come round (their own measly bathrooms are ‘so low-maintenance’) but girls can barely contain their excitement when they see just how big your bathroom is.

a gentlemen having bath inside bath tub - Styling Tips for the Gentleman's Luxuriously Large Bathroom

The thing is, if you suddenly find yourself to be the proud owner of a larger-than-average bathroom, it can be difficult to know what to do with it. Here’s our list of style tips for curating it into a big, beautiful masterpiece of a room that you can brag about in no time.

Focus on masculine design

Bathrooms are often designed to be a pampering parlour for women, which is fine, but a lot of guys really aren’t excited by swirly French designs and floral fabrics. The key to giving your bathroom a masculine edge without compromising on elegance is to choose understated, contemporary design. Industrial trends lend themselves well to a masculine aesthetic, and natural materials like wood and stone also provide a gender-neutral backdrop for your bathroom. Simple details like angular fixtures and geometric tiles will also stop a bathroom from becoming too girly.

Set the mood

Lighting is a big deal in bathrooms, typically focusing on bright task lights to help people get washed, dressed and primped without too much hassle in the mornings. When you’re endowed with a larger bathroom than most, you can afford to play around with ambient lights too. Backlit mirrors, dramatic spotlights and underlighting beneath cabinets all provide a luxury-hotel grade of sophistication. The only thing to keep in mind is that your fixtures are safe enough to have close to water – have a quick look at the building regulations before installing anything new.

Play it cool with colour

Pretend that you don’t want to make a deal about how big your bathroom is by sticking to a pared-back palette. You can’t go wrong with classic monochrome but introducing a brooding navy or rich crimson can work well too – particularly as a small bathroom couldn’t handle that kind of punch. Finish off the luxury look with monogrammed towels in corresponding colours.

Have ALL of the storage

Most bathrooms lack proper storage space, so make the most of your over-sized bathroom with enough units to keep all your essentials out of sight. Built-in designs will streamline the look of your bathroom making it look seamless and modern, while a quirky free-standing unit adds character. Whatever storage you choose, make sure they’re proportioned properly to keep everything you need to inside. Towels, toilet rolls and hair products don’t need to be on display.

Get a seriously good shower…

Gone are the days when you need to cram yourself into a tiny shower cubicle. Rejoice in the abundance of space with a wetroom-style enclosure – maybe one that doesn’t even have doors! The most luxurious shower options are to have a large, waterfall-style shower head paired with a shower handset for flexibility. As an added bonus, glass panels and continuing the floor design into the shower area (or at least blending your shower tray into the floor) will make your bathroom look bigger still.

…And maybe a bathtub to brag about

gentelmen bathroom - Styling Tips for the Gentleman's Luxuriously Large Bathroom

A generously proportioned bathroom deserves an equally generous bath. If you’ve got a modest amount of extra floor space then definitely go for a bath/showerhead combination, rather than just a shower. If you’ve got bucket-loads of space, show it off with something really impractical, like a corner-shaped jacuzzi-tub, an ostentatious freestanding design in the middle of the room, or a sunken tub. Remember: size does matter.

Go for tasteful textures

A masculine bathroom doesn’t have to sacrifice style. Instead of they typical sparkly and fluffy accessories you might find in a girly bathroom, opt for understated additions in luxe materials. For example, a wooden bathmat looks far cleaner and more elegant than a fabric one. Counters, floors and walls in rugged materials like marble and concrete keep things sensible (although maybe don’t choose the same fabric for all three) and look great with matte black fixtures.

Look, if you’ve got it, flaunt it

Still got space to spare? Time to really play up just how big it is by filling it with things that really have to need to live in a bathroom. What about a nice bit of oversized art, like an abstract canvas or sculpture? You could also get a giant plant, an arm chair or even a bookcase – go wild.

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