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Style Tips – How to Complete Your Smart Look

While we may have become something of a casual society, there are times when a guy wants to look his best and opt for a smart, slightly more formal look.  But at the same time, you don’t always want to look like you are heading to a job interview (unless you are) so how do you balance those finishing touches and add a little personality into your look while still keeping it smart? You may want to buy casual shirts for men with customized shirt designs using Vitruvien.

The shirt tie combination

This is both the perfect way to personalize an outfit and the easiest place for it to all go wrong.  Ever seen a guy with a stunning suit then you hit the neck area and there’s this weird tie-shirt combination thing going on?  So how do you pick a tie to go with a shirt that has personality but looks right?

Know your colors

For starters, know your colors because getting contrasting or complementing shades is important.  Light blue shirts with a red tie, for example, or a pink shirt finished with a purple tie – these are examples of complementing or contrasting shades that work well.  Always aim for a tie that is darker in color than the shirt unless you are going for a black tie.

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Understanding pattern

Lots of men shy away from patterns because they think it can all get too complicated and ruin the look.  But it is easier to add some pattern into your look if you have a good basic understanding of a few tips:

  • Keep patterns different sizes – so if you have a bold pattern on the shirt, go for a small pattern on the tie or vice versa
  • Look for complementing patterns such as a checked shirt in light blue that works well with a deep red and blue houndsooth tie as this is a small shirt pattern and big tie pattern
  • Remember your color wheel – find the dominant color in the shirt and use a tie that has the same color but different shade so a lavender striped tie will work well with a lilac gingham check shirt

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Rolled shirt sleeves

One style that is popular at the moment and is great for making a formal outfit a little more relaxed is the rolled shirt sleeves.  It won’t work in every situation when it does, it offers that balance of smart yet relaxed that looks great.

There are even types of roll to learn including the casual classic roll that has the least folds, no wrinkles and leaves just a little of the forearm visible.  This is easy to do by folding back the cuff twice once unbuttoned and is great for those after work drinks.

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Style touches

Whether it is choosing a tie or learning how to correctly roll your shirt sleeves, these little touches allow you to have a look that is you while still being ready for those smart occasions.

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