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Soccer Stars: Mixing Sports and Style

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Soccer Stars: Mixing Sports and Style

There are still a lot of men who believe that sports and fashion don’t mix. Guys who think wearing a hockey jersey is the pinnacle of style. All right, I’m exaggerating, but let’s admit that many sports fans are not exactly the type to be caught wearing Burberry or Hugo Boss. When it comes to athletes, though, it’s a different story.

I recently had the pleasure of reading a Titanbet article on the Top Five Most Fashionable Footballers. It’s not a bad list, although I have to say that I’m getting tired of all the adulation David Beckham gets over just about everything he does. (Click here to see who made Titanbet’s list.)

In any case, the article made it clear that sports stars can be exceptionally fashionable. If you’re looking to improve your wardrobe, you could do worse than take inspiration from football league titans. The article’s no. 5 pick, George Best, makes for a classic fashion icon. One of the earliest celebrities of the football world, Best had his incredible good looks going for him. But the man certainly had a true eye for a suave outfit.


I tried to come up with more timely picks the would-be stylish guy might seek to emulate. One man’s man who came to mind was Andrea Pirlo. With his wavy hair and scruffy beard, Pirlo has a look that stands out from the pack. Despite his atypical style, Pirlo has modeled in photoshoots for GQ and Vanity Fair, and posed for a Dolce & Gabbana calendar. A

Another footballer that comes to mind is Christiano Ronaldo. True, he’s made some questionable choices, such as those earrings. Being a handsome hunk helps him get away with such foolishness. That aside, he has a dapper style, and offers a great example of how being fashionable should sometimes mean taking risks—even when they don’t pay off.

Indeed, an adventurous man might even consider taking style tips from Mario Balotelli or get his gear from ONLYSPORTSGEAR.com!

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