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Found a New Place to Live? How to Move Easily

How to Move
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Found a New Place to Live? How to Move Easily

You might not be aware, but moving is ranked among the top ten most stressful activities in life. It becomes even more stressful if you have lots of items to move. Things might be a little easier if you move voluntarily but can get very complicated when you are forced to move. So how to move making your life a little less stressful? 

How to Move
Photo by Francesca Runza on Unsplash

However, there are steps you can take to make moving easier, no matter the case. Let’s look at some of these steps and tips make moving easier.

De-clutter Your Home/House As Much As You Can

When you’ve stayed at a place for many years, there must be some items you’ve accumulated that you no longer use or need. Take your time to move from one room to the next, sorting out items, and removing the ones you don’t need or use and get rid of them. These items may include broken toys, broken furniture, glass, old electronic gadgets, clothes, shoes, etc.

In de-cluttering, you may find some items that you no longer use but are still functional. You can either donate or sell them to your neighbors. De-cluttering aims to move only with the items necessary for your next home/house. This will not only reduce your moving cost but will also make your new house have more space.

Plan Ahead

Moving isn’t a one-day affair unless it is in case of an emergency. The earlier you plan, the easier it will be for you to move. You’ll need time to look for a new apartment and even to sort things out with old and the new landlord. While still looking for an apartment, you may be tempted to put off de-cluttering and packing, but remember, doing some things early enough will make moving less stressful.

There are many things you can start doing. For example, you can start by sorting out your items, depending on how you want them packed. Electronic items can be in their category, just like shoes and clothes. You also must think about how you’ll move the delicate items such as glass tables, and even private intimate items like a Penomet if you have one.

Buy large boxes and start packing anything you don’t regularly use, like your winter boots and clothes. Label all the boxes to know which items are packed in which box. This will help you get to know where you’ve packed specific items and assist you in arranging your new house. Ensure you keep all the nuts and bolts in sealed plastic bags, so they don’t get lost.

Do Some Research Before You Hire a Mover

Packing for a move
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The first question to ask is whether or not you’ll need a mover. Well. If you don’t own a truck, you’ll need the services of a mover. The movers in Miami have several years of experience and can make your move a lot easier for you. They’ll help with lifting heavy items, loading them, and even arranging them in your new house. But how do you get a good moving company? One way is to get recommendations, especially from trusted friends.

If you know a friend or two who moved recently, you can drop them a line and ask how they did it and the experience they had with their movers. Another way of getting a good moving company is to search online. Pick a few companies with good reviews and carry out some research on them. From your research, you’ll settle on one with the best deal. Make sure to request several moving quotes so that you have a good idea how much it would cost.

Understand Your Responsibilities Before You Move Out

Before you move out of an apartment, your landlord needs to be aware of the exact date you are moving out. If you put down some deposit, you’ll need it back. However, you’ll need to have a conversation with your landlord on how this will be done. Your landlord may be interested in inspecting the house before you vacate to calculate how much you can be given.

Some landlords may expect that you clean the house before you vacate, while others may not care about cleaning. Still, others may require you to re-paint the house. It all depends on your tenancy agreement. Whatever the case, it’s good to vacate your apartment after clearing everything with the landlord.

Final Words

As had been stated earlier, moving is a stressful process. However, by following the tips above moving will be a little less stressful. In the process of moving, allow yourself to get emotional.

Things may not work as you planned, and some of your items may get damaged along the way. You may also have some little disagreements with your current landlord that may leave you feeling so pissed off. Do not carry such baggage to your new apartment.