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After a Car Accident: Contacting Your Insurance Company

After a Car Accident: Contacting Your Insurance Company
Photo by Aaron Doucett on Unsplash

An automobile collision can be a stressful event, whether it’s a fender bender or a more serious situation. Insurance will almost always need to be involved when an accident occurs, and you may not know what to expect when you contact your insurance company. What information should you have on hand to give to your insurance agent? Do you know what steps you need to take to get your vehicle repaired?

What Information Will You Need?

Before you contact your insurance company, you should have a few bits of information ready to give to the representative that helps you file your claim. First, you’ll need to provide the names and contact information of anyone involved in the accident to your insurance company. The company will also need the makes and models of the vehicles as well as the insurance companies covering any other vehicles involved in the incident. 

If a police officer filed a report, you’ll need their name, badge number, and a copy of the report. The representative will inquire about the occurrence’s date, time, and location and may also ask about weather conditions. 

What Specifics Are Covered in Your Policy?

When you contact your insurance company, confirm your deductible amount to know how much you may have to pay out of pocket for vehicle repairs. Some policies will cover part or all the cost of a rental car by paying the bill or reimbursing you for the price. The length of time that your insurance will cover a rental car varies by policy, so you should also confirm this. 

How Much Will Repairs Cost?

Many insurance companies will send out an adjuster to assess the damage to your car. They may take photographs and ask you more specific questions about what happened. The adjuster will make a final determination regarding who is at fault for the collision. They may also provide an estimate or ask you to get an estimate for necessary repairs from a body shop. Insurance will cover the vehicle’s cash value if your automobile is totaled.

Depending on the severity of the incident, your insurance company may ask you to send in pictures of the vehicle. Some agencies will determine an incident based solely on photographs, police reports, and the reports of those involved. Your insurance will either pay you for the repairs or pay the body shop directly. 

What Body Shop Will You Use?

You should inquire about which body shop you will need to use. Most insurance companies will allow you to choose any auto body repair facility, but they may also have a list of recommended shops in your area. Take care in choosing a body shop. Look for reputable reviews of the facilities near you to decide who will be best to help you get your vehicle back on the road.

Do your best to keep any accident paperwork or electronic communication organized so that you can access it easily should your insurance company or any other entity need information on the collision. These steps will ensure you can put the incident behind you as quickly as possible. 

Featured Photo by Aaron Doucett on Unsplash