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Make Each Workout Count In 2018

For most people, the New Year is a time of change, evolution and resolve. They breathe in the air of the new year that’s happened upon them and they are determined to make the changes they’ve been promising themselves they would make for the last few years. There’s never a good time to restart a chapter in life, but a new year brings it out in everyone. New year, new clean slate and new chance to hit the goals that have been begging to be hit. If you are planning to run more, sweat more and generally give your body a decent chance at health in 2018, then you’ll obviously be looking to do it all in the most effective way that you possibly can. A big part of that is motivation and inspiring yourself, pushing yourself to do better. The rest is showing up at the gym when you say you’re going to show up and making it count.

Before you can even show up and start working out, though, you have to give yourself a chance at a healthy future. This means ditching the 80% junk food and making it 80% healthy instead. It means leaving the car at home and using the legs you were given to raise that heart rate as you walk everywhere. It means looking into https://www.ecigwizard.com/collections/eliquid and working on ditching the unhealthy cigarettes in favour of something better. You don’t have to be in impeccable health to start a workout, but it does help a lot if you are working on making your body the temple that it was always meant to be. You are obliged to respect your lungs, your heart and your brain because they altogether keep you alive and moving. Whether you are new to fitness entirely or you are a regular at the local gym café, we’ve got some amazing tips to get you fit this year. It only takes one step – don’t forget that!

Cup Of Joe, Anyone?

Having a cup of coffee before you head off to the gym can make a huge difference to the way that you work out. The caffeine in the cup of coffee before you do your workout can help to stimulate your central nervous system and give you the trigger you need to push hard. The extra burst of energy can help to propel you during the workout and you can find the exercise that you do far more enjoyable. Give it half an hour before you work out, though. You want to give it all time to kick in and make you feel awake!

Plan, Plan, Plan.

I cannot stress to you how important it is to know what you’re going to do when you get to the gym. You could be strolling along the road toward your local centre thinking about the workout you’re going to do when you get there. Then you get there and are faced with all the equipment. It can look extremely scary before you actually get started, so make sure that you have a plan of action before you get there. Being indecisive about what you’re going to do can add time wasted to your workout, so plan ahead and have a backup, too, just in case it’s busy and the equipment that you want isn’t there.

Plug In

A swim is a time to unplug, but the gym is a time to work out a workout playlist that will keep your blood pumping and your body moving. You can get pumped up with workout playlists like this that keep you feeling strong and powerful with every move. Check out the best workout headphones to help you to upgrade your sound quality and keep your workout in the best shape that it can be.

Turn Off

So, we’ve just told you to plug in your headphones and smash out your run with a playlist to die for. While you’re busy turning that on, turn your Wifi or your data OFF. You cannot get your head in the game for a workout if you are busy responding to the group texts or work emails. It’d be ideal if your music was separate from your phone, but if that isn’t possible, then make sure that your phone is switched to airplane mode. We all get tempted to check in with the world, but like an empty refrigerator, the world is not going to change if you open it every five minutes. Keep your workout focused on you; as it should be.

Stretch Out

A lot of people head to the gym and get straight on a piece of equipment. Do you know how bad that is for you? You need to take time to stretch out those muscles effectively before you get started. It warms you up, raises your body temperature and gets you loose enough to prevent injury while you’re running a marathon on the treadmill. You could watch YouTube warm ups like this one to help you to get your workout to the best that it can be.


Your workout may well have been mostly cardio thus far, and if so then you need to head to the weight room and check out what it has to offer. Strong muscles can prevent injury and weight rooms are the perfect place to do that. Enlist the help of a personal trainer if you need to and get as much in as you can in the weight room on your next workout. Not only will you improve your muscles, you’ll add to your bone density, too.

Track It

Apps like this are perfect for tracking your workouts. Being able to see exactly what you need to do is important, as you can watch your own progress. Tracking can motivate you and make you see exactly what you are doing for your body, which is a huge help when you find yourself slacking off.

Tech It

While you are busy tracking your moves and creating banging playlists, think about a bit of wearable tech like this. You can watch your steps, calorie input and output and see how much sleep you’re getting at night all with the same technology. Not only that, you can also watch your heart rate and see how much your heart is working. You get to have deeper insights as to how well your body is working out and you get a nifty piece of technology that is working for you!

Enjoy It

Workouts shouldn’t be a slog, they should be enjoyable. If you aren’t enjoying it, you’re not doing the right workout for you. Take the time to discover what it is you actually like to do to get fit – it’s not all weight training at the gym. Try a climbing wall or go swimming. Attend dance classes or join an outdoor running club. The four walls of a sweaty gym do not have to be the be all and end all of your workout time.

Choosing to go for a workout and make 2018 your best year yet is a good decision. You need to be at your healthiest, strongest and most confident and you can get yourself there with a lot of mini pep talks and a little motivation. The best workouts are the ones that you will actually do, so discover your workout passion this year and make it count in 2018. You will never regret the choice to make yourself the best version of you that you can be.