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The Rules To Looking Dapper

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Believe it or not, there are rules to looking dapper. It’s not an innate talent you’re either born possessing or you aren’t. It’s something that’s learnt or mastered other time, no matter how much those suave gentlemen you might know as colleagues or friends will convince you otherwise. The art of achieving a great appearance is a game of confidence just as much as aesthetic improvements. There is no single definition of what it takes to look “dapper”; there are many different ways to go about it, whatever size you may be, whatever hair color you might have, and however old or young you may be. If you’re desperate to improve your appearance then here are the rules to looking dapper.

Regularly groom yourself.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest that you shave off your beard if you love it. Still, facial hair can look dapper if it’s well-managed. There’s a difference between an appealing beard and facial hair which makes you look as if you’ve been wandering in the wilderness for weeks. A good rule of thumb by which every man should live is his life is to either keep his head-hair or beard-hair tidy. If you have a wild and untamed beard then you should ask for a neat and sophisticated hairstyle next time you see your barber; if you have a wild and untamed head of hair, however, then you should work harder to keep your facial hair neat and trimmed down. Once both are messy, your look starts to look a little less intentional and a little more like a lazy grooming routine. The key to looking dapper is showing the world that you put in some effort, so you need to groom yourself to some extent.

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Improve your wardrobe.

Perhaps you’re good-looking but that doesn’t mean you have a good fashion sense. You lucked out in the gene department but you’ve no idea what you’re doing when it comes to browsing the jean department. Sorry for the awful pun but it’s probably the truth if you feel like you still don’t look as dapper as you could. The key is to always choose clothes which fit. There are so many different styles which work for so many different people; maybe you like fancy shirts and trench coats or maybe you’re more of down to earth in that you prefer a combination of t-shirt and jeans.

Either way, all that matters is you choose clothes which look tailor-made to your body. That’s how to achieve the dapper look. Of course, if you’ve no idea what you’re doing when it comes to fashion then you might want to look into this men’s clothing subscription which could do all the work for you through stylists who know what looks good. It doesn’t matter how you do it but you need to improve your wardrobe if you want any chance of looking dapper. Fashion really is the key, no matter how you fare in the looks department.

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Prioritize health above vanity.

This final point is multifaceted. You need to consider all aspects of health if you want to look good. And don’t misinterpret the point; we’re all a little bit vain. That’s why we all want to look dapper in the first place. The important thing to remember, however, is that health should always come above vanity. If you genuinely want to look good then you can’t prioritize your appearance above simply looking after your body and mind. Rather than cutting corners to look good, the best way to do so is to simply… well, be as healthy as possible.

For starters, dental health should be a priority if you want those pearly whites. Teeth-whitening procedures are fine but, remember, healthiness is the most important thing. Just making sure your teeth “look” good isn’t enough if they’re unhealthy beneath all that whiteness. You need to floss regularly to keep plaque from building up because failing to do so can cause your gums to recede or become inflamed; in turn, this can lead to problems with your teeth. The best way to keep those gnashers white is to practice good dental hygiene. Then you’ll have a dapper smile to go with your smart new outfit and well-groomed facial hair.

Beyond that advice, it’s all up to you. You can follow some or all of these tips. Obviously, there are many other ways to improve your appearance. A healthy lifestyle is the key, above all else. Focus on looking after your body and you’ll be happier with the natural appearance of your skin and waistline. And a healthier lifestyle also improves the mind, so living better could help with your self-esteem. After all, confidence is the final aspect of a dapper appearance, as mentioned in the introduction.

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