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Men’s Fashion: Shoes For Summer

Men's Fashion Shoes For Summer
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Men’s Fashion: Shoes For Summer

Summertime is here and it’s time to update your summer wardrobe. Footwear and summer might seem like natural enemies, but let’s face it you can’t go around barefooted all summer. Here are some great summer footwear fashion tips and styles to keeping you looking cool and staying cool this summer.

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Image by insidehenderson for Pixabay

The Rules

Yes, there’re fashion rules and grooming etiquette for your choice in summer shoes. If you want to look good, you need to follow the rules, or break them if going against the grain is your thing.

1. It doesn’t mater what your type of summer pants, or shorts, you’re wearing your shoes should always be darker than your pants. Live that way.

2. Never, never, never wear socks and sandals together. You don’t want to look like some weird recluse wondering around aimlessly like it was your first time outside. You know the guy.

3. Your sock and shoe color should match your belt color. This is one fashion rule ever man should know. I know it’s summer but there’ll be at least one time this summer when you’ll need to be respectable. Act accordingly.

4. Update your flip-flops every year. Sandals are cheap for the most part, get a new pair. Replacing your old beat down flip flops is a good idea. Chances are your old flip flops look like you were in some kind of death march. Ditch them, it’s a cheap fix. Rule 4a: No matter how cool your new pair of sandals are, don’t wear flip flops at work unless you rent jet skis.

5. Summer means comfort comes first. Summer shoe fashions may be cool, but be sure the shoes fits. It’s summertime, which means it’s hot, sometimes oppressively hot and disgustingly sticky. Pick some nice light shoes that breath. You deserve it.

6. If your not sure what to wear always choose conservative over edgy. Unless you’re edgy then don’t. It’s your summer.

7. Get your feet ready. It’s summer. You bought new sandals. You’re wearing them without socks. You’re  ready right. Maybe. Take sometime to do some standard hygiene. Clip the nails, sand the heels and get yourself together. Respect your feet. Respect yourself.

The Looks

If you’re about town and having fun you’re gonna have different shoe choices than if you’re going to work. At least you should. At least you better. Here are some good fashion tips on or of the job.

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1. Get your hands on some slip-on sneakers. Skaters have known how great these shoes are since the 60’s when they were destroying backyard pools in them. Well there’re now in style and anyone can, and should, have a pair this summer.

2. Espadrilles are kind of like a upscale version of the slip-on. They’re cool for the times you need to look a little more put-together than vans or converse, but you still don’t need to be in leather loafers. Every man should have a good pair of espadrilles in his arsenal. It could save your life, or at least your dignity, when the thought of putting on dress shoes almost makes you cry.

3. Get a nice pair of leather flip flops. They can be really stiff at first but man when you wear those bad boys in, they’ll fit like a glove. Really just like a glove. The leather forms to your foot making them feel like they were custom made. A must have for sure.

Work time

Thinking about working in the summer sucks, but unless you’re a teacher you’ll need some work shoes.  Assuming you can get away with some of these at work, here are some of the best work shoes for summer.

1. Leather Boat shoes. The leather boat shoe is a new fashion trend this summer. This is how you can wear slip-on shoes for summer at work. There are some pretty fancy and nice leather boat shoes. They better be fancy because I’m not sure leather is the best material for boating.

2. Wedge shoes. These throwback shoes are hot this year. Get a pair for a little extra flare and attitude. It’s summer it’s time to turn up the heat in the office.

3. Derby Shoes. These lace-up leather shoes have reached to top of many fashion lists this year. They’re super nice and very upscale, while at the same time light and perfect for summer. Every man should have at least one pair in the closet.

4. Fringed leather loafers. These are like the leather boat shoes with more flare. They can be perfect for casual fridays at the office. Very comfortable, very light, and very cool. The best part, they go both ways. They’re perfect for the office or the beach.

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