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Men’s Fashion: How To Buy A Suit Online

Buying a good-quality suit is something that most men will need to do in their lifetime, even if it’s only for the odd special occasion. These days, most guys are always on-the-go with little time to devote to going down to the shops and peruse what’s on offer. Thankfully, even buying a suit can be done online, as long as you follow our top tips to avoid any mishaps…

  1. Do you own measurements first

It’s vital that you get measurements that are as accurate as possible; on the one hand, if buying through high street stores many of them have size guides, so if you’re not confident of the figures you could end up with the wrong size. On the other hand, there are many e-stores on sites like eBay where you can purchase a tailored suit by putting your measurements into the order.

Just be careful when you do this; you should always check thoroughly for reviews beforehand to avoid any fashion nightmares turning up on your doorstep. Even though you could get a friend to help you, it’s often a good idea to go down to your local tailor and let them take care of everything. You can simply take a note of the kinds of styles they recommend and then walk away with your measurements from a professional.

  1. Work on your style

After confirming measurements, you should next consider the best cut of suit that’s right for your body type. You’ll find that there are plenty of online guides (such as this one) that will help you decide, but they’ll also be able to give you an idea of the best colour too. Most men tend to opt straight for black suits, but paler individuals will have their faces washed out by the strength of the colour, and it can often emphasise areas you’d want to cover. Don’t take the risk, and research the style that will give you the best appearance possible.

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  1. Go with reputable brands

Many people are nervous about using unknown brands even though you can often bag yourself some great bargains. If this sounds like you then go for reputable, reliable names. For example, Jacamo have a huge range of suits in different colours and styles, and the great thing about them is that they also offer multi-buy deals – if you’re the kind of person that likes to get more for your money, this is the brand for you.

If you need something for a special occasion such as a wedding, you can buy a three-piece suit for a reduced price, or if it’s for the office instead, buy one jacket but get a discount on buying multiple pairs of pants. These are the kinds of tips you’ll need to know for staying savvy online.

Did you find this blog post helpful? If you have any extra tips for guys buying their suits online, don’t be shy and leave a comment below.

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