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Male Style Stereotypes: Are You Guilty Of These?

Stereotypes can be harsh. The main reason for that is their penchant for grouping people together into behaviors and thoughts that it’s impossible for people to feel en masse. That’s the primary reason.

But sometimes? Stereotypes hurt because they’re true.

All of us like to think of ourselves as individuals. We go our own way, cut our own swathe through life, the modern day pirate on the open seas with nothing holding us back. We don’t belong to a group or a tribe, we’re just about being who we are and no one else.

Then you realize that there’s a terrifying amount of stereotypes you slot into.

Gendered stereotypes can be problematic, but realizing that you’re falling into the trap of a “typical male” stereotype can give you the kick you need to change your ways. When framed in that light – and pretty much only that light – stereotypes can be pretty handy things indeed.

STEREOTYPE: Men Have A Small Amount of Clothes

When it comes to love of clothes, that’s meant to be for the ladies – they shop til they drop whereas us guys just throw on anything that comes to hand from a sparse pile of options. It’s only when we get a steady partner who can show us the ways of style that we even care – and perhaps even then we only do it begrudgingly.

Sound Familiar? If you’re stuck in a rut with your style, then there’s always the chance to branch out and try something new. Maybe bright colors appeal or you’ve always wondered if you could pull off a classic made-to-measure suit. You might not turn into a shopaholic who needs a walk-in closet, but having a few more options in life never hurt anyone.

STEREOTYPE: Mens’ Grooming Is Severely Lacking

ss - Male Style Stereotypes: Are You Guilty Of These?

For the ladies, there are many ways they can pluck, tweeze, tweak, and… whatever other magical things they do to feel pretty. For guys, it’s a case of shave or don’t shave (the beard trend has pushed us all towards the latter option), maybe tidy it up with a pair of scissors, then we’re good to go.

Sound Familiar? You can wear the sharpest suit known to man, have the best accessories, and the smoothest patter on the planet – but if your grooming isn’t cutting it, then nothing else will. If you have a beard, sculpt a direct beard line and anything above it must go either with a razor or hair removal cream. Keep a check on your eyebrows; they should at least all be growing in the same direction. Then there’s nasal hair; we don’t like to talk about it but we all have it, so investing in the best nose hair trimmer you can find will tidy that little problem up once and for all.

STEREOTYPE: Men Don’t Understand Color


dd - Male Style Stereotypes: Are You Guilty Of These?

After all, isn’t that why Hawaiian shirts are seen as the epitome of style failure? Men – according to the stereotype – just don’t understand the way that colors should work together to create an outfit.

Sound Familiar? Then you need to get more familiar with the color wheel and color theory. The secret to crafting the perfect outfit isn’t necessarily in just getting the right garments; they have to blend together to create an overall impact. Even the most basic clothes can look fantastic if the colors are unique and work well as a group. It’s also helpful if you learn about your skin tone and which colors will look best on you. Much of the advice you find will be geared towards women (perhaps proving this stereotype to be true!) but skin tone crosses the genders, so it will still apply.

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