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Let Your Bathroom Shine With Different Types Of Shower Screens

Shower Screens

Give your bathroom a completely renovated look by upgrading the shower screen. You will easily come across plenty of stylish and trendy designs that suit both traditional and modern styles.  

True elegance comes from details and mentioned shower screens are the perfect example of that. Here, we are going to discuss the varied types of shower screens that accentuate your bathroom appearance giving it a chic look altogether:

framed shower screens - Let Your Bathroom Shine With Different Types Of Shower Screens
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Framed Shower Screens

For the busy family bathrooms, fully framed shower screens make a fantastic choice. They come with a full enclosure which is made out of glass panels and supported by an aluminum frame. These screens are readily available in numerous configurations and ideal for bathrooms of all sizes. Also, people who are seeking budget-friendly makeovers for their bathrooms should invest in framed ones.

Frameless Shower Screens

For a tiny range of bathrooms, frameless shower screens make a sleek alternative to fully framed shower screens. These shower screens feature a simple yet latest design with a glass panel supported by minimum hardware. This is an elegant look for walk in showers.

So, make your bathroom look more attractive and appealing with this type of stylish shower screen which is designed to the highest of standards.  

Semi-frameless Shower Screens

If you have been on the lookout for style as well as durable shower screens, semi-frameless is your go-to option. They are more sophisticated in their design pretty much similar to frameless shower screens they are durable as well as stylish at the same time and feature gorgeous designs to give a spectacular look to your bathroom.

Bi-fold Door Shower Screens

Bi-fold door shower screens happen to be highly liked by Western Australian homeowners. Why? Because they serve all the purposes of calling it cost-friendly, stylishness and attractiveness. In addition to that, the opening mechanism makes them even more eye-catching and sleek. Moreover, they feature two or more folds, so they make a fantabulous choice for modern-day bathrooms.

Sliding Door Shower Screens

When it comes to saving some space, sliding door shower screens make an awesome choice. The most interesting aspect about the sliding doors that they do not open out inwards or outwards, which ends up being a lot space-saver and further makes a room to keep another important bathroom stuff. Thus, T=they truly make a practical option to go with, when it comes to limited space.

Pivot Door Shower Screens

These shower screens are traditional ones, as they rotate on a central point. The Pivot door shower screens come with a wide variety of designs and styles. However, it is important to mention here that they are suitable for big-sized bathrooms owing to the space required for the door to open.

Quadrant Shower Screens

Quadrant Shower Screens 1024x684 - Let Your Bathroom Shine With Different Types Of Shower Screens
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Each of the quadrant shower screens features an eccentric design that just completely transforms your bathroom into a more practical and attractive state. The shower screen easily fits in the corner of your bathroom. They have sliding doors that make them a good space saving option for tiny bathrooms.

Fixed Panel Shower Screens

In order to give that luxurious feel to your washroom area, installing a fixed panel shower screen should be in your bucket list this year. They come with a single frameless glass panel and boasts of a minimalist look. Since they are one in a melon they could be only useful in big bathrooms because they need a drying space which will be open to the room.


Irrespective of what kind of shower screens you are looking for to give a refurbished look to your bathroom, you will easily find what you are after on Google by visiting various Web portals with high-quality shower-screens on display at affordable prices. To begin with your home improvement project, you must consider the above mentioned. Hence, it makes sense considering all these factors including space, budget, make, design to make a right decision after all you are making a huge investment here and also the fact you do such makeovers for your home once in a long while.

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