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Italian chic style inspiration for the home

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Italian styling and home décor is growing in popularity and it’s not difficult to understand why it’s becoming ever more fashionable. You can be inspired by the classic, historical interiors of the traditional Italian casa (home) or opt for the sleek, contemporary look created according to the modern Italian school of design. Much will depend on the age and character of your property, although it’s possible to create your preferred choice fairly easily with a few staple ingredients. Here are some tips to do just that.

‘Olde Worlde’ Italian chic

 If you are looking for the hallmarks of Italian heritage, such as are found in Italian villas, then you need to identify the classic features. These include ornate chandeliers, with sparkling glass and crystal that will reflect the light. If you have fireplaces, these should be highly decorative with a real old-fashioned look. Search for fancy gilded mirrors and elegant bedroom furniture that is primarily cream and white. Wooden or tiled floors are found throughout, often dressed with softly textured rugs, and solid hard wood shutters round off the look, enabling you to control the amount of light in each individual room, depending on how you use them.

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Sharp, contemporary design

If modern Italian styling is more appealing, you can retain a lot of the charm of the classic interiors but bring the look up to date by making a few changes. The impression and feel of luxury remains, however, as fancy chandeliers are replaced by contemporary versions that promote strong, clean lines. Marbled, tiled and wooden surfaces continue to be key to the modern casa, with strong solid wood doors, screens and sliding doors, as well as solid wood shutters. Ornate mirrors are sometimes used to create romantic bathroom or bedroom settings, while living areas and hallways often sport sharper, more geometric shapes.

Variations on a kitchen

As is the case everywhere, Italian kitchens have moved on from the traditional to the modern in order to accommodate how we cook today. Here you will find gleaming units and cabinetry with curved as well as straight lines, colors that are subtle as well as those with a punch, and even kitchens with a rustic appeal that are nevertheless alla moda, or fashionably up to date.

Among the contemporary colors Italian designers choose for kitchens, you are likely to see purple, lime green, orange, scarlet and deep blue as well as more subtle shades that match cream with chocolate brown or favor pale grey. Pendant lights over seating areas in kitchen are popular and hardwood flooring is often decorated with highly patterned narrow mats or runners.

Bella casa

Above all else, Italian décor is executed with flair and also gusto – which doesn’t just mean vigor and fervor in Italian, but also taste. Your home should be elegante, luminoso e bella (elegant, bright and beautiful) and you should love living with your Italianate luxury styling, no matter whether you express it via traditional or contemporary features.



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