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How to Match Your Shoes and Accessories

Men's Fashion Shoes For Summer
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How to Match Your Shoes and Accessories

There are certain style rules that are made to be broken, and then there are those tried and true mandates that, no matter which generation you come from, are meant to be adhered to no matter how progressive you are. At Threads for Gents, we are leaders when it comes to setting our readers on a path towards sartorial brilliance and sometimes it is the most minute details that separate the men from the boys. The art of matching your shoes and accessories, for example, may seem simple enough, but one jaunt through any concrete jungle and it is clear that many men didn’t receive this important memo. If you are here, then it is obvious that you are trying to get there, so take a few style tips from the experts and never worry about accessorizing ever again.

Creating an overall great look that exudes confidence requires more than a great suit, a sleek jacket, or immaculately tailored pants. Indeed, you can have all of those things but if you fail to link them together, you’ve effectively cut off the flow of your fashion. What every man needs is a firm grasp of how to connect the dots from top to bottom to get a winning look that leaves no doubt as to your sartorial abilities. The devil, they say, is in the details.

Prepare to get exorcized.

Shoes From the Casual to the Dressy
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Depending on the event in question, how you match your shoes to the rest of your ensemble encompasses a few differences. For a formal occasion, there is no debate, no matter what you may have read recently, so repeat after us: the shoes always match the belt. With that style conundrum firmly out of your way, Threads for Gents now moves on to the other areas to adhere to. The shoes, although this tip is not necessarily set in stone, should either match the color of your pants or be darker in hue.

At more laid-back, informal events, casual shoes allow you more flexibility when assembling a look. When wearing jeans, khakis, or chinos, casual shoes with stitching or woven patterns can make elevate your outfit.



Tie-ing Up Loose Ends

Again, where you are dictates how you coordinate your ties with the rest of your attire. Since they are a great option to add a bit of personality to your overall look, feel free to experiment with the colors and patterns available in ties and bow ties. But remember to do so within reason. Threads for Gents cannot stress enough that your belts and shoes should work with, as opposed to working against, one another. The same can be said about any suspenders should you decide to wear them. Furthermore, a dress belt is thinner and simpler than a casual belt, usually made of leather. A casual belt, on the other hand, is usually wider, sporting a larger buckle, and possibly made with an animal print or woven material. As long as the belt isn’t too flashy, feel free to play around with the range available to you. For vest addicts, they too should match your tie and, if applicable, your pocket square. One area that has managed to trump up many an outfit lately with the ascension of the metrosexual is the proper way to wear socks, hats, and scarves. This is where Threads for Gents is adamant that a true gentleman pay attention to the experts and proceed with caution. Socks and pants – NOT socks and shoes – should match. While you have a bit of flexibility to experiment with the patterns of the socks in question, your socks and pants get priority.

Final Style Points


For some men, the belt might as well be a life preserver, since many almost hang themselves with this accessory, allowing it to trump their appearance at every venture. Don’t be that man. Be the gent that takes control of the style sitch, moving beyond the common pratfalls the deter many a man from ascending to the coveted status of a true gentleman of legendary proportions. Remember to counter-balance more colorful attire with neutral accessories to avoid blinding people on the streets. Woe is the man that fights the losing battle against the color wheel. And last but certainly not least: when in doubt, don’t wear it!

Now go, accessorize, and conquer!


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