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Get Your Sunglasses for the Summer

We are now well into summer, and maybe you haven’t even got your sunglasses yet. What are you thinking?

That headache you have after being out in the sun all day? Yeah, it’s due to eyestrain. They call them sunglasses for a reason. Unless you are in the tiny minority of humans that have really strong sun vision you can benefit immensely from a new pair of glasses.

These Ray Bans are a classic aviator with a few subtle and elegant twists. People may remember Ray Bans as the maker of infinite cheesy 80’s styles of glasses back in the 80’s. But since then the company has matured and branched out.

Ray Ban RB3138 Shooter OO1 2 1 1024x683 - Get Your Sunglasses for the SummerAnother classic 80s manufacturer of sunglasses and shades are Oakley. These particular glasses give a nod of the head to the glory days of shades but are sophisticated enough for more formal settings, while still not looking out of place at the beach. Nice touch, Oakley.

These 6002s from Carrera are similar to the Oakleys but more on the casual and fun side, featuring unique and interesting designs on the frames. Want to stand out in the middle of the weekend crowd? These will do the trick, no questions asked!

Carrera CARRERA 6002 TVDVP 1024x683 - Get Your Sunglasses for the SummerSport sunglasses are in a class of their own. If you want the ultimate latest sporty look but are not willing to sacrifice class or style (nor should you be) you might want to take a sneak peek at these little babies right here.  Are you awesome enough to wear them? Only time will tell. These also win the “all but unbreakable” category. Perfect for games of volleyball on the beach with the Brazilians.

Last but not least, all of you low-key hipsters can stretch out and show off your fun side with these particular Marc by Marc Jacobs glasses. Out of all the pairs of glasses we have looked at here, these ones are the ones one can truly say are wearable in just about any conceivable social setting, perhaps even at night like the song says ;).

Marc By Marc Jacobs MMJ 096 N S BU8 JJ 4 1024x683 - Get Your Sunglasses for the SummerIn all seriousness, sunglasses are not just chic, they are very useful, as much as any item of clothing can be. They are a fashion statement but they are also an item that protects your eyes and your health in many important ways. Eye strain from the sun and be an annoyance or can be even more serious. If you are having a hard time choosing where to shop, all of the sunglasses are available at VisionDirect. Either way, it’s no joke. Protect yourself with sunglasses and take care of your precious eyes for the years and decades to come!

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