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Choosing a Watch to Suit Your Suit

Watch to Suit Your Suit

True gentlemen wear suits.

You can see proof of this when you think of secret agents about to take on their mission, the Men in Black preparing to put on the last suit they’ll ever wear; you can see this when you go to any red carpet event or high-level function. Putting on a suit is a visual enhancement, it makes you look good and feel good. When the accessories and details of a suit fall flat, it pulls the overall appearance down. Bring your suit game to a whole new level and learn how you can match your watch to your suit.

Here’s more information about matching your watch to your suit for the aspiring gentleman.

Choosing the right suit to suit

The first step to being an aspiring gentleman, apart from old fashioned chivalry, is choosing your suit. To name just a few examples, there’s a classic sports jacket, a long-tailed jacket and a double-breasted sports jacket – though there are still more.

There are many different types of suit-and-jacket combinations available, and which you choose will depend on three things:

  1. Your personal preference
  2. Your body shape
  3. The chosen event or style

Visit a tailor to find the right suit for you and have it fitted to your body for the best results.

Accessorising for men

Accessories have been highly understated in men’s fashion. However, there are some men’s accessories that will forever remain classic, like the addition of silver, gold or platinum cufflinks to a sharply-tailored suit – or, of course, the classic watch that can be adapted to, well, suit your needs. Watches have experienced a sharp surge in popularity as a fashion accessory within the last five years. A smart addition, the wristwatch is one of a gentleman’s greatest fashionable assets.

Timepieces in modern times

These days, everybody has a smart phone which can tell the time, hell even phones from 1999 were able to display the time. So why are watches still popular? Aside from being a classic item, when your phone has run out of battery you can bet your watch will still be ticking. The addition of a beautiful time-piece to a suit completes the look – and it’s as essential to the suit as wearing the shirt under the jacket. Choosing a dress watch to match your suit is a fine art.

Which side do you wear a watch?

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There’s a lot of debate on which side one should wear a watch. The simple answer is the opposite side of your dominant hand. Thus, if you’re left-handed, wear the watch on your right – and the other way around. If you’re one of the world’s 1% who happens to be ambidextrous, you get to choose either.

What kind of watch-wearer are you?

There are many different styles of watches available for you to choose from. Which style you pick will depend on much the same factors as choosing a suit: it is your individual style which matters. Some men prefer a more bulky and heavy watch design, while some men will prefer to wear a watch that’s a little smaller and more tight-fitting. Opting for silver, gold, leather, stainless steel or other material is another factor that comes down to the individual man to choose. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to a watch’s style.

Next time you suit up, remember to pay close attention to all the details you usually wear. The material and style of your cufflinks, belt, and shoes for instance can help you identify what type of watch will match.

What to consider when choosing a new watch

Keep these points in mind when you are shopping for a watch:

  • Style
    • What style of watch fits your wrist best? Try several and pick the most comfortable.
  • Size
    • Ensure the watch doesn’t slide around and fits comfortably. A jeweller can help you fit your watch properly.
  • Material
    • Watches come in all shapes – and gold, silver and platinum. Choose the construction of your watch to match the style of your suit.
  • Authenticity
    • Make sure that you buy the real thing, and only purchase watches from reputable dealers which include certificates if you’re buying a luxury brand such as a Rolex. Always check serial numbers online before you buy, too.

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