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How to Choose the Right Hiking Shoes

How to Choose the Right Hiking Shoes
Photo by Noel Ross from Pexels

Whether you are planning to walk around town, do some hiking or hit a serious mountain, one of the key things you require is the right hiking shoes or boots.  How to choose the right hiking shoes is critical to keeping comfortable. Footwear not only protects your feet but helps with grip and also finishes your look, which is a nice addition.  So how do you pick the right hiking shoes for your needs?

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Photo by Noel Ross from Pexels

Considering this feature, you should go for Loom’s waterproof breathable shoes as they have everything that you need to keep your feet well. Waterproof, breathable, and vegan-friendly, make sure that you get the best out of your shoes whether you are hiking up the mountain or roaming around the city. Loom smart shoes are designed in a way to keep your feet alive while making sure that they get the additional support as well as comfort they need in any activity you are involved in. You definitely want to check these out!

Get the right fit

Getting the right fit is a crucial step with hiking boots and shoes.  Too big and your foot will move around.  Too small and your shoe will pinch and rub.  Good shoes will also have benefits such as EVA insoles that mold to your feet and if you get the wrong size, then you won’t experience the most of these benefits.  The ideal fit ensures your foot doesn’t move around but you can easily wiggle your toes and you should be able to slide two fingers either side of the Achilles.

Important benefits

There are also other important benefits you should look for in a pair of hiking shoes.  Waterproofing on the materials is a good one – even if you tend to walk around town more than hiking up the nearest mountain, you can still get caught in a sudden downpour.  And there’s nothing pleasant about wet feet!  So make sure the material on the exterior of the shoe has a waterproof coating of some form.

The Monty-Lo Blue/Orange

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The Ridgemont Monty-Lo Blue/Orange is a hiking shoe that is inspired by the classic looks of the 1980s while incorporating the best of the modern shoe style.  The makers were huge fans of these looks and regretted when they went out of popularity so when the chance came to revive them with the Monty-Lo, they jumped at the chance.

The shoe has a winning combination of blue, orange and black that makes it stylish and eye catching without being too shockingly bright.  Orange accents around the sole and ankle areas as well as on the

While the silhouette may be a classic, the technology within the shoe is completely up to date.  The shoe includes a 100% Hi-density rubber lugged sole that is durable and strong, protecting the feet against anything the terrain throws at it.  There are ballistic nylon panels to increase breathability and a bi-fit flexible lasting board.  The suede is a waterproof, oiled style that can withstand water exposure.

Even inside the shoe is the latest in foot technology with an EVA-crush open cell anti-microbial insole.  This makes the shoe extremely comfortable to wear and helps avoid that smelly shoe situation when sweat induces the growth of microbes and creates an odor.

Getting the perfect shoe | How to Choose the Right Hiking Shoes

The Ridgemont shoe is a great example of a shoe offering a great range of modern benefits as well as a classic style and fun colors.  It will be equally at home hiking the trail in the National Park as walking the dog around town and will withstand those unexpected showers or puddles easily.

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