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Can the Gentleman Also Have a Tattoo?

Sometime in the past, tattoos were seen as taboo, but that view has changed so much in recent times, particularly with the younger generation. In fact, according to the media reports, tattoos are now firmly a part of mainstream culture.

So is tattoo for ladies and gentlemen too? Can anyone have a tattoo?

In spite of its growing acceptance by society, there are still certain circles tattoos are still frowned upon, especially if the drawing is bold and loud. For example, if a political candidate came to you campaigning for your vote and has a flamboyant-looking tattoo on a visible part of their body, you’d likely decline to vote for them.

But the modern lady and gentleman should exude confidence, walk and express themselves freely — not confined indoors. However, an open tattoo will possible rob him or her of that privilege.

What people tend to overlook about is that everyone has a wild side to them, including a true and suave gentleman — with all that expected sophistication and distinguished carriage about them.

So, why a tattoo might appear ‘un-gentlemanly’ or ‘un-ladylike,’ it doesn’t necessarily mean a gentleman cannot have one or even two.

However, unlike the average individual who gets a tattoo simply because he is in the mood for one, a gentleman will first weigh the reasons for getting inked. It is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

Firs, decide why you need a tattoo

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Before a gentleman goes to have a tattoo, he needs to asks himself why. Is it to keep the memory of a dear loved one or event alive? Is it to symbolize something that’s safely tucked in your heart as well or that holds deep meaning for you? Whatever the reason, the gentleman’s tattoo should not be empty and void of meaning. It’s doubtable you’d consider a man with “I love KFC” inked boldly on his belly a gentleman. But a man that has tattooed on his body some profound words from his mentor, or some other source, can still come across as a true gent.

While everyone preaches the “never judge a book by its cover” gospel, the truth is that most people actually judge a book by the cover; and it’s instinctive for most people. So, don’t give people the wrong impression that first time, which often lasts a long time.

Therefore, as a gentleman, make sure your tattoo rhymes with that cool and attractive personality and mannerism your first sight evokes. Yes, in a wild but subtle and striking way that that provokes the intelligent curiosity of whoever sees it.

What tattoo is right for you

This is mostly about the tattoo itself and what it represents. Beyond knowing that kind of tattoo that fits your personality and mannerism, you must also decide on a tattoo artist that has the competence and experience to accurately transfer your vision to your skin. Professionals like Firme Copias always recommend approaching the right artist in order to avoid unintentionally paying someone to scar you with a botched ink job.

Does a tattoo alter your personality?

There are no straight answers here. Of course, you’re still very much who you are, but a tattoo on your any preferred part of your body will change the way others come to view you. The same way your perception by others can be altered by your dress sense and general grooming, your choice of tattoo and a tattoo artist can make people view you as a gentleman or the opposite.

So, when you decide to get a tattoo, it must be a careful choice. You must remember that tattoos are a lifetime commitment, and therefore it has to be one that is worth it and consistent with the kind of personality you want to portray.

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