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5 Remodeling Ideas for a Small Bathroom

5 Remodeling Ideas for a Small Bathroom
Photo by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash

You compile a whole Pinterest board dedicated to fantastic bathroom designs, but then you look at your bathroom remodeling and think: no way. No way are any of these going to work for my small bathroom.

But don’t delete all those pins just yet. Your bathroom can be just as beautiful. You can get more visual square inches in your bathroom space easily, with just a few remodeling tips. Here, we share with you our favorite strategies which will make you forget how tiny your bathroom really is:

5 Remodeling Ideas for a Small Bathroom
Photo by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash

Use a lot of white
White is well known for its ability to make small spaces seem big, so this tip might be a little too obvious. And yet, it is often forgotten. White bathrooms may seem boring to some, however, we know that there are dozens of ways to make a white bathroom look cool. In this small attic bathroom, the walls and the sanitaryware are all white, but it doesn’t feel “sterile” at all. The gingham curtain and the red flower pots add a fresh pop of color, and the wooden elements create a warm and rustic feeling.

Image: 1. White

Source: http://www.housetohome.co.uk/room-idea/picture/small-bathroom-ideas-20-of-the-best/9

Reflective surfaces
Mirrors are another classic trick to make tight spaces seem roomier. Propping up a large mirror against one of the walls adds instant square footage to any room, and your small bathroom can benefit from this effect as well.

Image: 2. Mirror

Source: http://altstadtinteriors.com/gallery/114557

It’s not just about mirrors. Bright ceramic tiles and glossy ceiling also reflect light, creating an illusion of bigger space.

Image: 2. Glossy tiles

Source: http://www.housetohome.co.uk/room-idea/picture/small-bathroom-ideas-10-best/10

Reveal more floor space
Your bathroom will seem more open if you install a floating toilet and vanity as well as a clear glass shower door.

Image: 3. Floating toilet

Source: http://www.stroypomosh.com.ua/remont-kvartir-12-idey-dlya-malenkoy-vannoy/

Large tiles and vanities
You might think that a compact vanity and tiny tiles are better suited for a tight spaces, but in fact, they lay an unnecessary emphasis on how little you can fit into your bathroom. The bathroom in the photo below has a wide vanity and large tiles on the floor and the walls, but space doesn’t look cramped.

Image: 4. Large vanity

Source: http://projektoria.pl/projektowanie/mala-funkcjonalna-lazienka/

Cool colors
You can create an illusion of larger bathroom space by using cool, light colors. The white and light green of this bathroom create an open and fresh look, while bright flowers and wooden elements balance out the cool colors and add warmth.

Image: 5. Cool colors

Source: http://www.stroypomosh.com.ua/remont-kvartir-12-idey-dlya-malenkoy-vannoy/

We hope you’ll find these tips helpful. And if you loved them tips so much you want to remodel your bathroom right now, then why don’t you give us a call? SF Remodeling Construction is a reconstruction company located in San Francisco. We offer a wide range of services, including bathroom remodeling and renovations. Combining these tricks with quality materials, we can make your tight bathroom grow.

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