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5 Reasons Why It’s Totally OK For Men To Wear Makeup

Men To Wear Makeup

We, as a society, applaud our actions demanding equal treatment for everyone. We raise our voices and stand for a higher core-value system. we have made much progress in changing the way we treat people of various races, sexes, and disabilities.

Breaking through the taboo

In the past few years, some of the major cosmetic companies have Introduced body wash, shampoos, and other hair care products, designed by and marketed to men. Big names (like Chanel and MAC) have added a line of products, especially for men. Larger cosmetic companies gave in to the toiletries but held back on the male cosmetics line. We could assume that the cosmetic giants thought men would not embrace the idea of wearing makeup. Maybe they underestimated today’s men who know what they want and refuse to live by rules assigned to them due to gender.

You are in good company

Makeup is worn by men and women around the globe. But this is not anything new. People wearing makeup dates back to at least 7000-years ago. It is common knowledge that the Egyptians were responsible for creating products to line the eyes, moisten the skin, and to stain the lips. In fact, makeup has been part of celebration and preparation in every society ever studied.

Social Barriers Broken

Somehow we allowed ourselves to be dictated to and dictated by, unwritten rules. We allowed others to tell us what we could and could not do. Just a few decades ago, women could not wear pants, men could not wear pastels, and having a child when you were not married was scandalous. Living with a partner without the benefit of marriage was frowned upon, and a man with a pierced ear was “code” for his sexuality. We have shattered these rules. With all these battles under our belt, we somehow missed the “Men cannot wear makeup” rule.

Today, men’s makeup is a multi-billion dollar industry that reaches a global market. If you still have reservations about wearing makeup, we will give you 5 good reasons why you should. Hopefully, when you have given the issue enough attention, you will see how wrong it is to let the media impose rules that are outdated.

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Why Men Should Wear Makeup

  • Makeup gives you a more polished and professional appearance.

Have you ever been in a situation that demands a good first impression, only to wake up with a huge pimple on your face? Maybe you are fair skinned, you may tend to become very red when you are in the sun or under stress. This makes you uncomfortable and it hampers your ability to put your best foot forward.

Wearing makeup correctly gives you a natural look only better. A businessman must be well-groomed. He is dressed for success. He wants to turn heads, but for the right reasons. He is not making a fashion statement, nor is he trying to pay attention to himself. He simply wants to enhance his features and look good.

  • Makeup builds self-confidence

We all have features we wish were more pronounced and the features we wish we didn’t have. This is what makeup is all about. A man may have stunning eyes, but they are overpowered by a large or oddly shaped nose. Using bronzer, highlighter, and foundation, can minimize the nose and bring out the color of his eyes. He may have skin that has been in the sun far too often without sunscreen. He may have ongoing problems with chapped lips. It is never too early or too late to use products designed for men to correct these problems.

  • Makeup teaches us to care for our skin

When you sit down to apply your makeup, you may notice dryness and wrinkles beginning to form. The makeup will not go on smoothly if you do not correct the problems you will bring more attention to the flaws in your skin. Caring for your skin and protecting it from the sun. There are primers that will help you apply flawless makeup. This is how you begin to become proactive. If you want to remain attractive and young, you learn the steps to achieve your goals.

  • Being more sexually attractive

What is your idea of sexy? All men are not born with a strong jawline, plump lips, and a beard that has no patches of baldness. While you have a particular look for the office, you want a sexier and more fun look when you are at the club or out on a date. Makeup gives you the best of both worlds. Women will have a softer look for the office, but she glams it up when she is going dancing. For the first time, men can turn up the heat when they need to. Makeup is the key to open that door. How much makeup is your call.

  • Be part of the solution

You are a mature man. You know how the world works and how it can come full circle and bite you. Big names in the industry are putting men on the cover of their magazines. These companies are doing to men what they have done to women for years. They are creating an image of the “perfect man” and plastering it everywhere. Men will soon feel the pressure to become that perfect man. When you did not hit the mark with one product, you may try another and another. This kind of stereotyping not needed anywhere. It does nothing for the customer other than to make them feel flawed.

  • Caution

Right now, men’s cosmetics are in the hands of some very good companies. These experts will formulate treatments for men based on the skin, and physical attributes of being a male. This is to ensure that a man will get the benefit of a quality product that helps their skin. But, beware. Others will follow.

Just as they do with women’s makeup, second-rate companies will come. A man who is new to makeup may not know that there are companies that test their products on animals, torturing and scaring the dog or the rabbit in the lab. They may not realize that buying cosmetics from out of the country because it is cheaper may expose his skin to toxic chemicals. Before a man selects the companies he is willing to buy makeup from are experts in the field and their products are pure.

  • Learning

When a girl comes to the age where she wants to wear makeup, her mom, sister, friends, and YouTube tell her exactly how to do it. But putting on makeup can be hit or miss. If you don’t believe us, try to put on liquid eyeliner for the first time. When anyone applies their makeup for the first time, they tend to get heavy handed. You get the makeup on and it is in the right spot, but you are not sure anyone else can see the change, so you go a bit heavier. By the time you back away from the makeup mirror, you look like your eyeshadow blew-up in your face. Do yourself a favor and hire a makeup artist.  

The doors of change are open. Mature men are walking through and demanding that they are treated with respect. They are speaking up and telling the world that they will make their own rules. Men can have it all. Today’s man will settle for nothing less.

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