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Fall Trend Report – These 4 Frames are Perfect for Fall

As we move into Fall, the need for quality sunglasses is as important as ever.  That autumn sun can be as strong as in summer and the UV rays can cause just as much damage as in the warmer months of the year.  That means that eyewear is an important part of your Fall fashion – but what are the top trends and looks for the season?  Here are four frames that each sum up the trends perfectly.

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The classic look

If there’s a look that never goes out of fashion, it is the Aviator and the Randolph version of these classics offer enough options that you can get the exact look that you desire.  Part of their Classic Collection, these shades have the legendary style that started with air combat forces over 50 years ago and were made even more popular by films such as Top Gun.

These sunglasses are made to the same stringent standards as military shades and are perfect for people who want the best, handcrafted quality to protect their eyes.  You can choose from polarized or non-polarized lenses, lens colors, frame metal effects and even the size of the lenses, all to ensure the perfect finish.

The fashionable look

The Randolph collections also include a number of styles that reflect the latest in fashionable styles of sunglasses that allow people to style their look while enjoying the benefits of quality eyewear.  Styles such as the Sportsman, with two lens sizes, various color in polarized and non-polarized and even three frame color options use a style that was made popular by pilots and NASA astronauts.

The P3 is another fashionable style with round lenses and clean lines.  Frame options include 23K gold, 23K rose gold and bright chrome while lenses come in different colors including grey glass.

The ultra-modern look

The Infinity collection brings together several styles that offer an ultra-modern version of classic styles such as the aviator and the sportsman.  These styles offer the option to have various colors in the frames ranging from gold and rose gold to chrome and gun metal.  You can choose various sizes to the lenses to ensure you have a style that looks right on your face and customize the style with colored lenses including citron and jade metallic.

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Style and technology

Finally, the Fusion collection effortlessly blends a classic aviator or round style of eyewear with the latest in technology.  With hand inlaid, premium Mazzucchelli inlay, the frames are available in five different colors and have the strength of metal with the comfort of acetate frames.  The lenses have a gradient finish, anti-reflective and scratch resistant coatings and also give that crucial 100% UVA/UVB protection when worn.

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