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Top Men’s Fashion Trends You Must Follow in 2019

Men's Fashion Trends

Ever since first humans fell from the grace of God and started adorning their bodies with leaves and simple cloths, there emerged a need to make those private parts-covering scraps look good.

Indeed, even if it’s just a simple pair of pants, there seems to be an infinite number of ways to make it look beautiful, intriguing, provocative, statement-carrying, you name it!

The more we’re advancing in time, the more complex clothing is becoming. What used to be completely out of question to wear at a dinner party some 50 years ago, now is completely normal and even considered chic.

Take men’s wear, for example.

What was once almost exclusively reserved for lumberjacks and folks performing hard manual labor is nowadays mostly worn by skinny men with counter-intuitively large beards. Wear a pair of jeans a hundred years ago and everyone will think you’re a Gold Rush-era sieve-wielding prospector!

Nowadays, jeans are all over the world, gold rush or not.

In this article, we’ll talk about men’s fashion trends for the upcoming year of 2019. There’s plenty of elegant, as well as cheeky fashion solutions ahead, so do brace yourselves.

Spring/Summer Season Fashion Trends

Tailored Suits – The New Wave

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Neatly-tailored suits that are meant to be worn with no shirts under. Bold and accentuated hues you can’t possibly look away from. That’s what 2019 will be all about when delicately-tailored suits are in question.

If you see a bloke with a full-blown business suit ‘n’ tie with a pair of slippers down below, chances are – he knows what is all about in the year 2019.

Also, if you’re looking for brands, Louis Vuitton would probably be the best go-to brand of them all. (There are others, as well, for the record.)

Multifunctional Apparel – A Swooping Comeback

Or, perhaps it would be fairer to say it never really went out of fashion in the first place.

Drawing inspiration from such tough ‘n’ rugged manly places such as the military or some wildlife exploration camps, fashion giants such as Louis Vuitton and Junya Watanabe have decided to grace their followers with multifunctional, severely-pocketed tops that can house an entire laboratory in them!

Materials such as denim, some of those inflammable firefighter-style fatigues are going to be an important part of the upcoming season.

So, do expect plenty of pockets, oversized tops to house all those pockets and compartments, and last but not least – bottom configurations that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see matched with the top ones. Plenty of shorts and plain jeans, for good measure!

90’s Rave Scene Revival

Any time period that sees the renewal of the 90’s rave culture is a good time period, and the upcoming year will be no different, we suspect.

The elaborate flashy shirts are substituted by simple-looking T-shirts you’d wear to a rave, and the pants range from simple shorts to full-blown punk trousers with chains and everything. So, if it looks like the 90’s, chances are – it will be in the next season.

Simple, loose-looking hoodies and seemingly randomly-picked T-shirts are going to be the business in the upcoming year. (Don’t be surprised if Walkmans make a brief comeback, as well.)

As far as brands are concerned, look out for Balenciaga and Vetements.

This duo seems to represent the trailblazers in the industry nowadays, so do expect lots of curious-looking and bold fashion statements coming from them during the next year.

A Curious Look at Cowboy Boots

When you hear the phrase cowboy boots, you’ll probably think – John Wayne shooting bad guys, horses sitting pretty in their stable and southern bells waiting to be rescued. (Or sometimes taking action themselves! Remember High Noon?)

Well, this image, although positively iconic, is about to be messed with a tad, all for purposes of fashion and perhaps a few laughs, as well!

Come 2019, brace yourselves for some unique cowboy boot designs including cheeky screaming pink leather models, as well as some retro-looking ones which mimic their 19-century counterparts almost to a T!

(Minus the spurs, of course. No one seems to ride horses anymore. A damn shame.)

Fall/Winter Fashion Trends

Firefighters Outfits

Ever since the Ghostbusters were introduced in our society, people started looking at uniforms in a different way. Rather than just representing a serious, stern-looking professional, clothes such as police jackets and firefighter’s overalls can now be also seen as a fashion statement.

Firefighters Outfits 1024x683 - Top Men's Fashion Trends You Must Follow in 2019

And sure enough, come fall 2019, we’re going to see plenty of folks wearing various uniforms as if it wasn’t a big deal at all. For some reason, firefighter’s clothes seem to be particularly interesting to fashion designers these days – reflective stripes and all.

If you’re interested in these, the man to see would be Calvin Klein.

Checkered Jackets

Originating in the hills of Scotland, this rather simple folkloric concept of yore is making a smashing comeback.

And we’re not talking about the kilt, either. Namely, designers at Versace and Alexander McQueen have taken it on themselves to present this beautiful pattern to young men of today, and to do this, they’ve made sure that jackets, coats and even some undergarments are made in the image of the well-known blue and green pattern.

(Of course, the colors may vary, but this one seems to be the most prevalent.)

(Comically) Large Shoulders

Whether you like the new fashion trends or not, when it comes to the newest trend for winter clothes, you’ve got to give it to the creators of what’s bound to become possibly the biggest upset in the world of fashion since the mini skirt!

(Well, perhaps not that big of an upset, but still.)

That’s right gentlemen! – Large shoulders, of all things, are making their way right into fashion history!

The premise is so simple, you’ve got to love it. Take an ordinary-looking jacket or a formal top attire and then enlarge its shoulders so that its frame ends up looking enormous.

This cheeky concoction is almost entirely the responsibility of one Mr. Armani, who introduced the concept some time ago. This season, for the win, it’s coming back, and it seems to be bigger than ever!

The More (Layers), the Merrier

Perhaps the oddest and funniest fashion trend that seems to be here to stay for the season is the curious appearance of layered jackets.

And by layered, we don’t mean two layers for more insulation and possibly also looks. We mean like 7 layers.

As far as we have gathered, the goal is to look as if you’ve found someone’s wallet and then bought all the clothes you ever wanted all at the same time.

Jokes aside, there are different materials, different patterns, and sizes that keep going up. Dressed in such a piece of apparel, you certainly won’t be cold, that much is for sure.

For those wondering who are the ‘mad geniuses’ behind these multi-layered jackets, let’s just say that the duo of Balenciaga and Vetements have made some space in their busy schedule of building firefighter’s jackets to make even more jackets made up of many different jackets all stitched together to look like one jacket.

Grand stuff. Attracts attention, keeps you warm – what’s not to love?

So, there you have it, that’d be it, folks. As you can see, the year of 2019 will be cheeky and full of surprises, so do brace yourselves for a rollercoaster of a fashion season!

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