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Learn Why Sandals Are Better Than Boots

Sandals Are Better Than Boots
Photo by Emma Frances Logan on Unsplash

Learn Why Sandals Are Better Than Boots

Did you notice the people that are replacing their sturdy walking boots with sandals? This is a growing trend that is not just for long walks on the beach or the backyard barbecue. This comparison is broken down into points that are easy to follow. You’ll see the main advantages that sandals have over traditional hiking boots so that you make a decision based on what is right for you. 

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Photo by Emma Frances Logan on Unsplash

1. Kids Love Them

Kids love sandals, and why not? It lets your feet breathe, making you feel alive. They are adjustable, and there’s even wiggle room to loosen them even more if needed. This reduces your stress because you don’t have to hear them whine when tying their shoes and gives them more time playing on those sweltering days when all you want is to minimize distress. A tall cold lemonade drink and a pair of Freedom Moses sandals will make your child thrilled this summer season!

2. Barefoot without the danger!

Even a “minor” infection like an athlete’s foot can become painful enough to affect your mobility and is highly contagious. Fungal infections love the moist conditions of a nice warm sneaker and socks. This danger becomes even worse if you have wet feet and broken skin (like the fore-mentioned blister). Luckily, you can significantly reduce your risk of infection by keeping your feet dry and well ventilated by wearing sandals.

3. They’re easy to take on and off

Sandals do not use a traditional lace-up system. There’s nothing that will eventually fray and break and need to be replaced. It also means your laces won’t come untied and trip you mid-stride. Most styles use a one-handed closure system, making for a fuss-free transition to more sport-specific footwear.

4. They’re packable

Sandals are much more compact and more comfortable to carry than a pair of sneakers. They don’t have a rigid exterior, making them more compressible and more comfortable to fit into your backpack or luggage. Two pairs of sandals will fit into the same luggage space as one pair of sneakers. Don’t have any room left in the bag? No problem. Just attach the sandals’ straps to your pack’s daisy chains or gear loops. 

5. They’re exceptionally durable and supportive

Multi-sport sandals are constructed with a sturdy rubber outsole and a supportive midsole, while their straps are either made of strong polyester webbing or leather. In short, these aren’t your grade-school jelly shoes, and they’ll reliably last through many journeys.

Now you know where each style excels and understand what is best for you. Sandals are a practical option for many of your recreational endeavors. Special sandals with arch support can distribute weight evenly as you walk and minimize the discomfort caused by a painful foot condition. Your feet and ankles may need a greater protection level and support if your activity requires specialty footwear. Choose the most intuitive pair for you and pay attention to any discomfort. Use hiking boots as you start out and switch to sandals when you feel ready to have less protection.


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