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Guide to Micro-Loop Ring Hair Extensions

Guide To Micro Loop Ring Hair Extensions
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Micro-loop ring hair extensions offer a great and natural look to your hair. It provides more length and volume to your hair, along with making them easy to style and flaunt. 

What are Micro-Loop Ring Hair Extensions? 

Generally, there are many types and techniques of hair extensions available in the market to choose from. The difference between these techniques usually depends on the bonding material or the glue used to attach the extensions with the natural hair of an individual. 

However, what makes these micro-ring loop extensions different from the usual hair extensions is that they do not need any adhesive or bonding material to be attached. This makes it a preferable option for most people. 

You must be thinking, how is it attached to the clients then? Well, with these hair extensions, your client’s natural hair will be attached to a weft of the extension through a small ring or loop. This will then be pressed slowly by the salon technician to the client’s scalp, which will secure the bond without requiring any additional adhesive. 

The result? The hair will give an extremely natural look. They will be volumated, non-damaging, and enduring. 

Are Micro-Loop Ring Hair Extensions Obvious?

If attached or installed correctly to your hair, then micro-loop hair extensions should not be noticeable at all. Most people opt for nano-rings to make the hair extension more unnoticeable so they could make any hairstyle of their choice with them. 

However, in some hairstyles, the micro rings or loops could become visible, so it will be a lot better to go for a different hairstyle. 

The industry of cosmetics and hair extension in Europe and America is working towards convincing and satisfying their clients by constantly improving their techniques. Several companies are producing hair extensions that are better than ever and unnoticeable. 

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Pros and Cons of Installing Micro-Loop Ring Hair Extensions

As with every other thing in the market, these hair extensions also have their fair share of the pros and cons of using them. 


As mentioned above, these hair extensions do not require any additional bonding material or glue to attach them to the natural hair. For this reason, they are much better and durable for the natural hair of an individual. 

When taken care of with utmost attention, these hair extensions could last up to four to six months. Along with that, they are very natural-looking, and when they are properly cared for, they stay secure for longer. 


If you are looking to get long and fuller looking hair for a short span of time, such as a few hours for a certain event, then getting micro-loop ring extensions will not be a good idea. The process of installing micro-ring hair extensions to your natural hair is a time-consuming one. Also, the hair will stay with you longer than that particular event.

If you have short hair above your shoulders, it will be difficult to make the hair extension unnoticeable or invisible for you. 

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Featured Photo by Ali Pazani from Pexels

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