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What to do in NJ as a Gentleman

To be a real gentleman means a few things. First, come the manners and the way you behave around people – especially women. Think in terms of being a courteous, genuine and honorable person. Then, it’s about a sense of fashion and styling – in other words, what you wear and how you dress. And last but not least, it’s about knowing where to go and what to do. Picking a hotel, making reservations in a restaurant and even deciding on a nightclub – all these things play important role in how people perceive you. Let’s learn more about New Jersey, and what it has to offer.

Even though it’s one of the smallest states in the US, New Jersey is a very popular East Coast destination. From Jersey’s shore that blends 130 miles of the Atlantic coastline, Jersey City – the entry to Ellis Island, and the iconic Statue of Liberty, all the way up to Atlantic City and its glamour. There are tons of places that simply take your breath away. Historical sites, national museums, hotels and casinos, restaurants, parks – you name it.

Now when in NJ, you’d want to pick the absolute best stuff to do. Take your friends at some hotel where you’ll enjoy a weekend full of partying and gambling, surprise your girlfriend at some romantic restaurant, or go to a nightclub – the options are endless. For example in New Jersey, you can also avoid the gambling noise by playing a few spins and games at some online casino, cozied up in your hotel suite with a glass of fine scotch in your hand. Knowing where and when to go shows class and determination – 2 things which are very important for a gentleman. So, let’s have it, a list of top-tier destinations for every occasion!

Popular New Jersey Tourist Attractions

The Boardwalk in Atlantic City

Best known for its entertaining hub, Atlantic City is one of the most popular cities on the Northeastern coast of the US. Atlantic City’s 4-mile famous promenade known as the Boardwalk was built back in 1870, and it is the place where most of the city’s attractions are found. The long string of glamorous hotels, casinos, bars and world-class restaurants make Atlantic City shine and be on par with Las Vegas. Destinations like the Steel Pier and Entrance to the Stars just add on to the rich list of places you can visit while in AC.

Liberty State Park

The Liberty State Park is another location that’s simply a must when visiting New Jersey. It overlooks the Upper New York Bay, Ellis Island, and the Liberty Island. Besides the beautiful views that will leave you speechless, the park has many attractions like statues, monuments, and recreational facilities.

Grounds for Sculpture

This one’s for all the art and nature lovers out there. The Grounds of Sculpture is a huge sculpture park and museum established in 1992, and located in the town of Hamilton. Featuring the works of many US artists like Seward Johnson, it is one of the most popular art exhibits in New Jersey.

Paterson Great Falls

The Great Falls in Paterson are often times referred to as New Jersey’s very own Niagara Falls. This is one of the newest and most beautiful national parks in the country. The views of the falls are amazing – especially from the footbridge that merges the two hills. This makes the Paterson Great Falls an ideal place for romantic occasions like dates or anniversaries.

Top New Jersey Romantic Restaurants

Did you know that 6 of the most romantic 100 restaurants in the United States are located in New Jersey? Yeah, and this stat was published by Open Table, the popular online reservation platform. They conducted research that included around 12 million reviews of over 26,000 restaurants. Here’s which NJ restaurants made the list:

  • Scalini Fedeli is a refined restaurant in Chatham, and it’s located in a 260-year-old farmhouse. The ambiance is pure magic, and their food is described as “modern Italian with a distinct French flair”.
  • Peter Shields Inn, located in Cape May, is one of the finest ocean-front restaurants in the area. With 9 guest rooms, gourmet dining and breathtaking ocean views, it is described as the perfect romantic seaside getaway.
  • The Saddle River Inn was nominated by Open Table as one of the best 100 restaurants in 2017 in the USA. Located on the banks of the Saddle River, this is a French restaurant with a delicious menu and a great atmosphere.
  • Franklinville Inn, located in Franklinville is an elegant restaurant that boasts a feel of relaxed sophistication and style. According to their website, they are serving “the finest in American cuisine,” including dishes ranging from crab bisque to prime rib. A real gentleman’s choice!
  • Restaurant Lorena’s is a Maplewood-based place that serves a variety of different dishes that are inspired by the haute cuisine that takes deep roots in the French cooking technique.
  • Washington Inn is a Cape May-based, top-tier establishment that also has a wine bar. Located in the Victorian Plantation House on Washington Street, the inn has 5 unique dining rooms that boost a calm and sophisticated atmosphere. One of their finest dishes features a grilled filet mignon and Scottish salmon, and an espresso-rubbed Hudson Valley duck breast.

New Jersey Casinos and Hotels

Now for the fun part! As we mentioned, New Jersey has a lot to offer to people who enjoy casinos, nightclubs and world-class hotels. Let’s check out the ones who stand out.

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa surpasses every other neighbor from the Atlantic City area in quality and comfort. At least, that’s what the residents say. The guest rooms are incredible, with cozy furniture that screams luxury and elegance. But in places like Borgata, you simply don’t sit around the room all day and playhouse. Instead, you go out and enjoy in whatever it is that you like to do.

There is a spa center, a number of exclusive restaurants that transmit the wonders of some of the best world chefs like Bobby Flay and Wolfgang Puck, and two in-house nightclubs. There’s also a 161,000 square foot casino with tons of live games, slots, and tournaments. Even though it doesn’t have the incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa sums up pretty much everything that’s great about Atlantic City.

Icona Diamond Beach

The Icona Diamond Beach hotel is located 5 miles northeast of Cape May, along Diamond Beach – one of New Jersey’s most prestige private beaches. The hotel has 102 studios and suites with floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the Atlantic Ocean and full galley kitchens. The Icona Diamond Beach hotel features top-notch coastal cuisine and promotes a modern style of accommodation with great ambiance.

The Water Club at Borgata

Being Borgata’s sister hotel, the Water Club takes the elegance and ambiance of its sibling to a whole new level. There are 800 guest rooms in total, all modern and high-end, with luxuries everywhere you look (think state-of-the-art tech gadgets). There are also 5 pools, massive spa center, and guests can enjoy the wonderworks of the renowned chef Geoffrey Zakarian.

One thing that The Water Club is missing, is a rather typical ingredient of every Atlantic City hotel, which is a casino. This can be a deal-breaker for some people, but others actually appreciate the lack of gambling.

Congress Hall

The Congress Hall origins date back all the way to 1816. It’s a historic hotel located on the shoreline of Cape May, which is unique by its Victorian charm and the Prohibition-era lounge setting. Congress Hall is one of the few resorts in the US that grow and process their own food. The magic happens at a 62-acre Beach Plum Farm that’s a mile away from the hotel.

Guests have almost immediate access to the beach, and the ocean views from the rooms are jaw-dropping. It’s mostly suited for people who want to have a nice quiet vacation and enjoy the beautiful sights of Atlantic City without all the noise.