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Why Changing Your Hairstyle Doesn’t Need to Be Hard Work

January is a time when lots of us take a look at things in our lives and vow to make changes.  Whether it is to go the gym more, improve our diet or take that dream vacation, the resolutions can dissolve along the way.  But one is certain – it is a great time to refresh your look and maybe adjust your style a little.  Doing this doesn’t need to be hard work either due to a range of impressive hair care styling products from Old Spice.

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To be on-trend or not to be on-trend

Every year, we hear the experts decide about what the trends are going to be for the next year.  There are two schools of thought with regards to trends: you either love to be inspired by them, or use them to make yourself completely unique by avoiding them.  Whatever the case, knowing what styles are on-trend can offer some inspiration regarding your new style.

Short hair styles remain the most popular for men of all ages and still leave a lot of room for variety and personalization of your look.  Another reason that short styles are popular is that they are easy to manage and, armed with the right hair styling product, the process of looking good takes very little time.  Longer on the top with shaved sides is a good basis for a whole range of styles, allowing the hair to be slicked back on some occasions and spiked on others.

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Using pomade with short hair

The key to getting the most out of your longer-on-top hairstyle is to use the right styling product.  Gone are the days where hair gel was the only way to get the style just like you want it. Now, top stylists all use a product called a pomade.

In fact, pomades have been around for a while but have seen a reinvention by brands such as Old Spice.  Their men’s hair pomade offers a medium hold that is perfect for those longer on top styles and a matte finish.  The product works with any hair type and offers a smooth finish that is perfect with slicked back looks or spiked styles.

When to opt for putty instead

For many guys, having a choice of hair styling products can be confusing, and it’s hard to know when to use different options.  The other main type of styling product, besides hair gel, is called putty. Putty is ideal when you have longer hair or want to create a very exact style.  If you have seen those guys on TV with serious spikes in their hair or sections of hair pointing in one direction and staying there, then putty is the kind of product you need for the job.

The other reason to use a putty is if you have unruly hair.  Whether it is curly, thick or simply won’t do what you want it to, then taming it with a product such as the can put you on top in the battle.  You can have that dramatic, disheveled look you want but in a controlled way that stays put.  The product gives a high hold and a matte finish so there’s none of the shinyness associated with hair gel.


Styling your hair doesn’t have to be hard work when you use the right products for both your style and your hair type.  You can combine these with other products to enjoy the fresh, clean smell of Old Spice while having that New Year look you dreamed about. Check out our top 10 hairstyles for men.

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This content was sponsored by Old Spice but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I hope you enjoy following along! #ad

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