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Common Jewelry Mistakes Made By Men

Jewelry Mistakes Made By Men
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Common Jewelry Mistakes Made By Men

Pieces of jewelry are not only worn by women. Nowadays, there are more men wearing jewelry as part of their overall look. It has become a way for men to express themselves and also used as a status symbol for some men. It is also an excellent investment to purchase jewelry as its value does not depreciate over time, but try and avoid these Jewelry Mistakes Made By Men.

While many men are starting to incorporate jewelry into their outfits, some still do not know how to do it properly. Here’s a list of the common errors men make when it comes to wearing their jewelry. 

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Image by StockSnap from Pixabay


Men should know how much is too much. Over-accessorizing is not a good thing, especially for men. Ensure that you put on jewelry that looks good on you and compliments your outfit, not overpower it. 

Certain outfits go well with multiple pieces of jewelry, but some outfits do not. Always consider the look you want to go with, and do not forget to limit your accessories for a more classy and masculine look.

If you are torn between multiple pieces, choose the suitable one for the occasion and look good with what you are wearing. You need to control your impulse to wear multiple jewelry pieces at once and try to practice the proper way of wearing it.

Not Considering their Skin Tone

Some men do not know that their jewelry should complement their outfit and their skin tone. Just because they like the piece of jewelry, even if it does not fit their skin tone, they will wear it without knowing that it doesn’t look right. 

There are so many types of metals and color options for a piece of jewelry, and choosing the right one for you is tricky. It would help if you remembered that warm color skin tone fits perfectly with yellow or rose gold, brass-toned colors, and copper. 

If you have a cool skin tone, white gold, silver, and platinum pieces of jewelry are the best choice for you. To know whether your skin tone is warm or cool, check the veins on your wrist. If it is green, you have a warm skin tone, and if it’s blue, you have a cool skin tone.

They Do Not Consider The Occasion 

Wearing jewelry, according to the occasion, is also important. Some jewelry pieces are not appropriate to wear on certain occasions. For example, if you are going to a funeral, avoid wearing shiny and sparkling jewelry. Opt for more subtle pieces as much as possible. 

Avoid wearing the same piece of jewelry on every occasion. Try to have at least one piece suitable for every occasion. Just like how you carefully choose your outfit for a specific event, you should also do the same with your accessories, including jewelry.

Not Following Dress Codes

Some establishments observe a strict dress code, and this dress code also applies to pieces of jewelry. For instance, you are a college student, and your school does not allow ear piercing for men. Some men still go to school with their ear piercing on, which will get them in trouble. 

Another great example is when you are already working, and you are an executive in your company. It is not proper to wear multi-layers of necklaces to work as it will be very informal and will not suit your outfit and your environment. 

During a work interview, it is inappropriate to wear an ear piercing as it can disrespect the company’s dress code. Even if you are wearing diamond earrings, it is still inappropriate and disrespectful to the company’s regulations. You can take it off during your interview and only wear it again afterward.

Wearing The Piece With No Confidence

Some men love to accessorize with jewelry, but most of them lack confidence in wearing it. This is why picking a piece of jewelry that you feel comfortable wearing is important. Before purchasing, you should try it on, and if you feel uncomfortable, don’t buy it and look for another one.

There are so many available pieces in the market, and it is impossible that you cannot find the best one that will make you feel confident. Never force yourself to wear something you are not comfortable with, as it will show. 

One thing that makes men insecure in wearing jewelry is that they still think that jewelry pieces are for ladies. We are now in the 21st century, and jewelry pieces are not reserved only for women but also for men. Get rid of this mentality and slowly accept that jewelry can make your outfit look good. 

Takeaway | Jewelry Mistakes Made By Men

It is okay to express yourself by wearing jewelry. However, you should also consider different factors in using them. Try to be creative and show self-expression through these jewelry pieces without compromising your looks. 


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