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A Watch that’s Lighter, Yet More Durable Than Steel? It does Exist!

I.N.O.X. Carbon Limited Edition

Imagine a watch that is 5 times more durable than steel, yet 50 percent lighter. It sounds too good to be true, right? – It’s not! The Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Carbon Limited Edition watch that is like no other. It’s the perfect blend of high performance and style. It’s truly a unique. In fact, only 1,200 have been made. So if you want it, you have to act fast, because once they’re gone, you will never be able to get your hands on one again!

Exclusive Features

The INOX Carbon Limited Edition is outfitted with exclusive features, making it a first-in-class design. Victorinox Swiss Army really pulled out all the stops when they crafted this watch.

INOX Carbon Limited Edition 872x1024 - A Watch that’s Lighter, Yet More Durable Than Steel? It does Exist!

  • It’s the only Switch watch that has the ability to resist 130 extreme endurance homologation tests – the highest endurance testing standard available.
  • The carbon case has been tested in space; yes, space! It’s extremely resistant to even the most intense scratching.
  • It’s outfitted with a bumper that features a removable USB torch that can be recharged.
  • The strap is hand-woven and transforms into a paracord that can be used for survival and has been dyed in bright orange – the color of international safety. It also comes with an additional strap, in the event that you do have to use the survival paracord strap. The extra strap is also bright orange.
  • The housing is shockproof and prevents the inner mechanisms of the watch from being damaged when exposed to intense force.
  • It also comes with a Spartan camouflage knife, which, like the watch, is also a special edition.
  • A built-in flashlight that can be illuminated with the push of a button will come in handy to help get you out of a jam when the lighting is dim.

The features of the Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Carbon Limited Edition watch are impressive, to say the least. There really is no other watch in the world that can compare. It’s safe to say that it can withstand the test of time and can get you through the most extreme situations imaginable.

Stylish, Functional Design

The features of the INOX Limited Edition watch aren’t the only things that make it such an impressive piece of machinery. The stylish, yet functional design is eye-catching, to say the least.

The white analog display, white aperture, and red military time pop against the khaki green dial, which is housed in a matte black case. You will definitely have no trouble seeing the date and time. However, what really sets the design of this watch apart is that it features bright orange. Not only does the color make a bold statement, but more importantly, it is the international color for safety. If you’re ever in a dangerous situation and need help, the hand-woven orange watch band can be removed and used as a survival paracord. Top it all off with protective bumper that serves as a flashlight, and you have a watch that is unmistakably designed to take on the most thrilling adventures and withstand the toughest elements.

Details Overview

As can clearly be seen by the above descriptions, the Victorinox Swiss Arm INOX Special Edition watch has some highly impressive features and a unique design.

INOX carbon steel watches - A Watch that’s Lighter, Yet More Durable Than Steel? It does Exist!

The key details of this one-of-a-kind watch are as follows:

  • Diameter – 43 mm
  • Movement – analog quartz
  • Net weight – 3.5 ounces
  • Diameter – orange
  • Band material – hand-woven textile
  • Band color – orange
  • Movement – analog quartz

Other notable details of the INOX Limited Edition watch include:

  • A screw-down crown
  • An indicator that announces the end-of-life
  • An aperture (date display)
  • A screw-in case back
  • The ability to resist water up to 660 feet deep

A Warranty, Too!

If all of the features and elements of the Victorinox Swiss Army INOX watch weren’t enough, it’s also backed by a limited 3-year warranty from the manufacturer. If you purchase the wash from an authorized dealer, should there be any defects as a result of manufacturing or poor workmanship, Victorinox Swiss Army will repair or exchange it for you. However, it should be noted that the warranty does exclude regular war-and-tear, the life of the batter, and any damage that is the result of handling and caring for it improperly.

A Watch for the Truly Adventurous

If you’re a self-proclaimed thrill-seeker who really enjoys pushing yourself to the limits and going on the most outrageous adventures, the Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Limited Edition is the watch for you. Heck, even you aren’t the adventure-seeking type, there’s no doubt that you will look incredibly stylish wearing this exclusive watch. It’s impressively durable, lightweight, and has a rugged, yet sleek design that makes it impossible to miss.

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