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5 Reasons Guys Should Wear Ripped Skinny Jeans

Ripped Skinny Jeans

Fashions come and go and then come back again – it’s just the way it is, and ripped jeans are certainly no exception to this. Currently, they are experiencing something of a revival, so if you don’t already own a pair, they are certainly something you should be considering for your wardrobe. Of course, there is definitely a right way to wear them, and a wrong way, and when it comes to ripped jeans it is fair to say that less is probably more when it comes to choosing what to wear with them.

So, if you have been considering adding some ripped skinny jeans to your wardrobe but you are still not convinced, then here are just 5 reasons that you should be wearing them.

1. Look great

skinny jeans - 5 Reasons Guys Should Wear Ripped Skinny Jeans
Image credits: Photo by RAUL REYNOSO from Pexels

Skinny ripped jeans are bang on-trend now and, quite frankly, when teamed with the right accessories they look great. Whether you want to pair them up with a simple t-shirt for a fashionable day look, or smarten them up during the evening with a shirt, they are a great and very versatile part of any wardrobe. Not all ripped jeans are created equal, so it can be a good idea to shop around, ripped blue jeans will almost certainly vary from one store to another, while rips will vary in size as well. Scrapes are smaller scratches in the surface of the fabric that are considerably smaller in size. Shreds are where the fabric surface has been torn, but threads remain covering the gaps. Finally, of course, you have complete holes. A good pair of ripped jeans will have a combination of a couple of these different variations and of course placing is everything, so shop around to find something that works for you.

2.Cool for the summer

You might think that jeans are not practical for the summer as they are far too hot and, to some extent, you are correct. However, ripped jeans are a little different as the rips help to keep you cooler. So if you prefer to wear full-length jeans rather than shorts in the warmer weather, ripped jeans could offer you a great compromise.

3.Great range of styles

Ripped jeans come in a fantastic range of styles, from ripped and repaired styles which feature several patches of ripped threads at various points on the leg, to an altogether more “destroyed” look where the entire knee of the jeans is ripped. While both of these styles may sound very similar, they certainly have a very different look to them — so much so that you may find it hard to pick just one style for your collection.

4.Colour choice

As with any other style of jeans, ripped jeans can be purchased in the more traditional black, dark blue and light blue colourways. Bleach splash is also a great option that you might like to consider and, as the name suggests, in addition to the rips these jeans feature a white bleach splash effect look.

5.Perfect for any occasion

Ripped jeans can be dressed up or down with the right accessories making them the ideal choice for any occasion. Team them up with a simple t-shirt for a casual day look, you can’t go wrong with white or black, but if you want to add a real splash of colour then why not choose something bold with a dropped shoulder for a different look. A shirt will really change the look of your ripped jeans and is a great way of achieving a more dressed up look that will work in the evening. Don’t forget to think about your footwear as well and you’ll certainly hit the mark.

Cover Image credits:Photo by Juliano Ferreira from Pexels

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